Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss constraint titles, The Miz is still on tip and a blue code puts adult another classic

December 5, 2016 - WWE

It’s roughly apropos a cliche to contend this, though damn, a SmackDown Live artistic organisation knows what they’re doing. Despite a diminutive dual week build given Survivor Series, a blue code managed to lift off one of a improved WWE pay-per-views of a year with Sunday night’s TLC. And also notwithstanding carrying usually 6 matches on a categorical show, a three-hour “demolition derby” (as WWE loves to code this sold show) delivered on flattering many each front. Stories were modernized organically, new champions were crowned in a dual teenager divisions, and AJ Styles solidified himself as a best further to a WWE register since…well, it has been a while given a visitor had this many of a certain impact, let’s contend that.

More than any uncover given a code split, TLC certified a choice to separate a register into a Monday organisation and a Tuesday group. After all, would Alexa Bliss have gotten such a spotlight if she was stranded behind all Four Horsewomen? Would a Wyatts finally have constraint gold, with a assistance of a newest Viper member, if they had to follow a New Day and their soon-to-be record run? Would AJ Styles be anywhere nearby bullion again after his (excellent, of course) matches with Roman Reigns progressing this year? More than Raw, SmackDown Live has taken a code separate round and run with it, highlighting wrestlers with oodles of talent that competence have been buried beforehand. Throw in some efficient essay that sticks to plain wrestling conventions, inject it with good personalities and a piquancy of Ellsworth, and you’ve got a wrestling feast for a eyes. All of those factors total to make TLC an engaging approach to spend 3 hours avoiding Westworld spoilers. What else could we presumably wish on a Sunday night?

5. Bray Wyatt Gets a Taste of Gold
Well, prohibited dang. After winning a Raw vs. SmackDown Live Survivor Series extravaganza, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton went forward and did a damn thing. Building both off their movement and a fact that there is no approach they should remove to Heath Slater and Rhyno, a new Wyatt Family cowed a blue code tab organisation multiplication in a sincerely biased match, and it was usually right. Wyatt, unbelievably, had never been a WWE champion of any kind before Sunday night, a fact finished even some-more absurd when we cruise he’s been possibly in categorical events or usually subsequent given his entrance in late 2013. Hell, even Luke Harper won a Intercontinental title! 

This is what a Wyatts needed, and they indispensable it now: legitimacy. For years, their M.O. was to do some “spooky” things and eventually remove each high form evidence (the usually one that stands out as a Wyatt win was Bray’s delight over Dean Ambrose in a evidence many of us would like to forget). With titles and a loyal luminary by a name of Randall Keith Orton in a mix, a Wyatts truly feel like a threats WWE wants us to trust they are. On tip of carrying a accumulation of challengers in a overlay (a rematch with Slater and Rhyno, a Hype Bros in a conflict of a many mismatches gimmicks ever, and a barnburner in a works with American Alpha), a Wyatts winning bullion means that a subsequent time they miscarry something out of nowhere™, we’ll be profitable attention. Not bad for a uncover opener.

4. Baron Corbin Cares Not About Your Cruiserweights
He competence not be a best wrestler in a company, or a best talker, though Baron Corbin has somehow turn must-see TV. That’s what happens when a 6’8″, 280 bruise behemoth puts it together and starts to not usually combat hoss matches, though combat accurate matches as well. The chairs compare with Kalisto was simply Corbin’s best compare given relocating adult to a categorical register (his hitch with Samoa Joe during 2015’s NXT TakeOver Brooklyn still stands as a high symbol overall), and it was, shockingly, not usually due to Kalisto. Corbin was brisk all compare long, relocating with a speed and coercion that is mostly lacking in a large man’s affairs. His Deep Six is a guaranteed prominence of each match, and this one competence have been a best one given a Chad Gable stunner from NXT. Corbin competence not be a World Champion during any indicate soon, though you’re crazy if we don’t consider he could lift off good matches with any of a categorical eventuality talent on a blue brand. Hell, it competence save us from using a James Ellsworth fun into a belligerent while we wait for both Cena and a Undertaker to lapse from a gray area that is “not on television” land. 

3. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan Needs to Happen
Raise your palm if you’re blissful that The Miz kick Dolph Ziggler, clean (ish), therefore finale a feud. That’s not to contend that a A-lister and a Show Off did not put on some good matches in their time together; they’ve all been good (tonight included), and a storytelling has been even better. But Miz is on another turn from Ziggler right now, and to have him bogged down in a same evidence for months feels like a rubbish of some prohibited lightning in a Hollywood bottle.

Which brings us to a gummy doubt of Daniel Bryan; notwithstanding all reports saying that Bryan is finished wrestling, isn’t it starting to feel like we’re unfailing for Bryan vs. Miz during WrestleMania? Between their fight before a compare on Sunday, to Miz’s post-match promo, and all culminating with their exhilarated evidence on Talking Smack, these dual are in a ideal evidence right now, one that has grown given a code breeze in July. It would be a contrition if all this feverishness was wasted, so let’s wish that Bryan can combat one some-more compare to give us a loyal WrestleMania impulse for a ages. And if he can’t? Well, there is a certain Japanese stone star down in NXT that could offer as a good surrogate, knee strikes and all. In a meantime, let’s suffer a Miz’s Never-Ending Intercontinental Reunion World Tour, since right now, no one else is personification a heel label improved than a many must-see luminary in WWE history. 

2. Feel a Bliss, Alexa
The biggest startle of TLC came during a hands, and some-more accurately a powerbomb, of a smallest performer of a night. Yes, after a evidence where she constantly finished Becky Lynch demeanour like a fool, Alexa Bliss capped it off with a pleasing explosve by a list to turn a second SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. The outcome itself is adequate of a shock, and a fact that Becky carried a compare simply adds to that surprise, though it finished clarity within a storyline that a uncover was revelation (a trait that many SmackDown Live stories tell): Becky was clearly a improved performer, though Alexa got in her head. You saw it during a agreement signing, with Becky aggressive initial (a babyface no-no), usually to be put by a list due to her over-aggressiveness.

Here, a same thing happened; Becky was in control for so prolonged that she roughly seemed to stifle down, removing a bit too tighten to a corner though finishing off a Blissful one. The beauty of a tables compare is that finishes can come from out of nowhere, as did this one, though it doesn’t feel like Becky was outmatched, that leaves open engaging options for a rematch. With people like Nikki Bella, Natalya, Carmella and a hopefully returning shortly Eva Marie, there are multitudes of ways for a multiplication to go over a subsequent few months, as we embark on a highway to WrestleMania. Despite Raw carrying a star energy of 75 percent of a Four Horsewomen of NXT, a SmackDown Live women’s multiplication will be a one to watch in a nearby future.

1. AJ Styles Is, Simply, a Best in a World
Let’s get this out of a way: AJ Styles is a best wrestler in a universe today, and it competence not be all that close. Last year, a Phenomenal One wowed a universe all over with his work on New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and several eccentric promotions; it wouldn’t have been too intolerable if his pierce to WWE was followed by relief and a mark on a midcard. And yet, by trait of some of a best WWE engagement in new memory and a expostulate to uncover he can be even improved than he was, Styles has finished 2016 improved than his highlight-filled year of 2015. He didn’t usually adjust to a WWE character well; he took it and finished it his own, a attainment achieved by few others in such a fast manner. 

Sunday’s TLC categorical eventuality was a ideal instance of what creates Styles incredible; he wrestled a really WWE-style categorical eventuality with Dean Ambrose and still managed to blow people’s minds. Nevermind that he did it all with a hulk meme-worthy rip in a donkey partial of his tights; Wrestling Twitter will be carrying fun with that one for a while. Styles’s sell of Ambrose’s Orange Crush on a chairs would have been a classical prominence if not for a Phenomenal One commanding himself with a springboard 450 dash by a list on a outside. That’s some Hall of Fame-level shit right there, and if WWE knows what’s what, that mark will be replayed for years to come in video packages and hype promos. Right now, Styles isn’t usually conduct and shoulders above each other wrestler in a company; he’s scratching during a chosen turn of all-time WWE performers, with Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Macho Man Randy Savage in his sights. Despite all of a James Ellsworth shenanigans that culminated a PPV, no one can take divided a fact that, during TLC 2016, AJ Styles showed a universe that he is a face that runs a place, and he is a many unusual wrestler in this immature world of Earth.

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