Bray Wyatt, a WWE Hall of Fame and More from a Stipulation Mailbag

March 24, 2016 - WWE

WrestleMania 32 is usually over one week away, and fans are removing antsy. This year’s highway has been riddled with injuries and a continued debate of either Roman Reigns is a tip guy. Still, when fans record into ATT Stadium in record numbers on Apr 3, each notation fact that has worked opposite a stream build will be usually that—minute.

However, that’s presumption a 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony ends before WrestleMania.


Hall Night Long? 

I wouldn’t specify a WWE Hall of Fame as a fun as most as it is a celebration. Sure, WWE is kindly when it comes to who it lets in, though it’s all about offered tickets and celebrating a past. Just about each WWE Superstar who had a noted career and is in Vince McMahon’s good graces will enter a Hall. My problem with a Hall of Fame is a volume of inductees.

I was during a Hall of Fame rite final year, and it lasted forever. It feels like we usually got out yesterday. we suspicion WWE would learn a lesson, though as we mentioned on WZ Daily, a striking for a WWE Hall of Fame on Monday’s Raw looked like that of a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Last year’s marathon saw 7 WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Nine inductees have been announced this year, with a annual luminary inductee expected to be named. Will there be adequate microphones to go around?


Last Ride?

I don’t consider any pointer ever points to a retirement. There are usually too many examples of retirement prerequisites being nullified in pro wrestling. Even in this case, WWE has been clever with a diction for both a Shane McMahon feat and an Undertaker loss.

If Shane wins, he gets control of Raw. Broadcasters have been presumption that means he controls WWE, though Vince McMahon and The Authority could always burst boat to SmackDown to salary fight around a code split.

If The Undertaker loses, many assume he will have to retire, though a chapter usually mandates that this WrestleMania will be his last. So, technically, he can always contest during SummerSlam, a Royal Rumble, Survivor Series or, yes, even WrestleMania. 

Think about it. If Shane wins, what energy does Vince McMahon’s chapter carry? Vince will no longer be in power, therefore Shane McMahon can simply a WrestleMania anathema a subsequent night on Raw as a makeup gesture.

Undertaker is 51 years old. With this being his 24th WrestleMania and in his home state of Texas, it wouldn’t be a startle if this was his last. But WWE has left itself with copiousness of respirating room to behind out of any retirement unfolding should he lose.


Wyatt on a Set?

For a organisation that now has no WrestleMaina compare with usually over one week to go, The Wyatt Family certain has been a tie in Raw categorical events.

No organisation of wrestlers has been some-more victimized by WWE’s fibre of injuries than The Wyatt Family. Just as Zack Ryder corroborated into a WrestleMania mark due to Neville’s injury, per Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Marc Middleton of, a Wyatts seemed to be squeezed out of a WrestleMania design due to injuries to tip stars.

It’s roughly as if WWE feels bad for a Wyatts being on a outward looking in, so it’s gripping a unit  applicable by featuring it in Raw categorical events. With usually about each compare set, a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal seems to be a alighting spot. Sure, it’s a disappointment, though if The Wyatt Family wins in widespread fashion, with WWE even teasing contrariety during some point, it would be worthwhile.

There’s also a probability that a Wyatts get concerned in one of a vital WrestleMania matches. Given a Wyatts’ story with The Undertaker, maybe it helps Shane McMahon better The Deadman. Getting concerned with a Brock Lesnar-Dean Ambrose match—both of whom are rivals of a Wyatts—is also a possibility.

Something tells me The Wyatt Family will have a poignant impact on WrestleMania, even if it isn’t announced for a match.


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