Breaking Down Every Fatal 5-Way Star’s Chances of Winning during WWE Extreme Rules

May 16, 2017 - WWE

Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor and Samoa JoeCredit:

WWE’s Universal Championship is finally removing some prolonged overdue attention.

Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe will contest in a Fatal 5-Way during Extreme Rules on Jun 4. The leader of that compare will plea Brock Lesnar for a concept title, that means Lesnar and his belt will shortly be seen on TV once again.

For many fans, that impulse should have come a prolonged time ago.

The Beast Incarnate has not been on Monday Night Raw in over a month, that means a red brand’s tip championship has been inaccessible. No one could argument for it, no one could combat for it and no one could plea for it.

But that’s changing during Extreme Rules. Raw’s tip guys will all be in a ring on that night, with one common goal: conquering Lesnar. It’s a attainment that’s easier pronounced than finished and one that’s been achieved by unequivocally few Superstars.

The final male to do it was Goldberg, and he’s a veteran. That’s not utterly a box for a group in a Fatal 5-Way. 

All 5 are indeed veterans of a business, though any one is deliberate partial of a WWE’s New Era. Lesnar’s lane record of putting over anyone from that era is not good; what kind of chances do any of a 5 have opposite him?

But this hitch is critical since it will eventually set adult a subsequent argument for a Universal Championship, and that’s something Raw needs. Considering anything can occur in a WWE, any of a group endangered in Jun 4’s pay-per-view categorical eventuality have a intensity to wear a concept pretension earlier rather than later.

But that male will emerge winning from Extreme Rules?


Bray Wyatt might be a dim equine in this match, though he should not be discharged so easily.

The Eater of Worlds was a WWE champion, and he might have customarily ragged a pretension on a Road to WrestleMania, though it valid a company’s certainty in him. Wyatt has worked tough to get where he is and deserves a possibility during categorical eventuality glory.

He’s potentially a subsequent good impression babyface, and that change would customarily supplement to his station in a WWE. Main eventuality positioning and impression expansion could both come after Extreme Rules when Wyatt starts his argument with Lesnar.

But will a association go that route?

The problem here is that Wyatt is not nonetheless entirely determined on Raw. He’s a favorite, he’s warranted his spot, though it’s misleading what a WWE’s intentions are with him. Is he on his approach to greatness, or is a association customarily drifting blind when it comes to his future?

If a latter is true, afterwards he might not win a compare during Extreme Rules.

Even if he does, he could go on to get dejected by Lesnar. That’s a fear that many fans have for scarcely everybody in a Fatal 5-Way, though it’s a regard for Wyatt. One step behind is dual stairs behind for Wyatt, as he is unequivocally directionless during this point.

Perhaps giving Wyatt a win during Extreme Rules would do some-more mistreat than good since a WWE might not have intentions of stability with him as a subsequent concept champion. Maybe a best pierce for Wyatt is to customarily relocating to a top, instead of relocating with no genuine devise to behind him up.

Never contend never, though it might not be Wyatt’s time this time.


Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar is a dream compare that many fans are impatiently watchful for.

With a difference of Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, there is no other WWE Superstar who could physically compare adult with Lesnar improved than Joe—he is a legitimate tough guy, one that could practically go toe-to-toe with Lesnar in a shoot-style match.

If that were to happen, it would be a compare that defines a age of The New Era.

Joe vs. Lesnar should occur on a WrestleMania stage, though SummerSlam in Aug would maybe be a second-best choice. It’s a compare that would work and sell tickets, and fans would positively be clamoring to see it all unfold.

But Joe is on a roll.

He’s on a roll as a heel, and a time might not be right for him to remove that. The WWE has requisitioned Joe as The Destroyer, a inhuman hitman who is peaceful to do whatever it takes to decimate his target. Fans might honour him, though they also disapprove him since of his actions on Raw.

How could the WWE spin divided from that now?

Joe is on his approach to apropos a tip heel on Raw, and he’s arguably during that indicate now. Fans need to hatred him, and saying him step into a ring opposite Lesnar would change all of that. Despite any notions to a contrary, the WWE still needs a classical heel versus babyface rivalries in sequence to keep a product balanced.

Featuring dual renouned heels in a same compare would not be profitable for anyone involved. Without a face spin on Joe’s part, a chances of him winning during Extreme Rules are approaching slim. 

Joe vs. Lesnar is indeed a dream compare and one that should occur eventually. But it should occur with a correct build and a correct timing, conjunction of that are probable now.

Seth Rollins might be a intelligent collect to win this match.

Rollins’ win over Triple H during WrestleMania 33 put him in a tip row of the WWE. He was already a categorical eventuality star, and he was already a tip guy. But he was arguably not in a chosen of a company. However, besting The Game during The Show of Shows cemented that mark for him.

Beating Lesnar might be a subsequent judicious step for Rollins.

Rollins has valid he can work guys bigger than him, and he’s valid his toughness many times in a past. He works a hard-hitting impression that creates him a dangerous competition for Lesnar, and he could believably kick The Beast Incarnate for a Universal Championship.

But he’s got some critical unprepared business with Samoa Joe.

Joe is out for punish on Rollins interjection to Triple H. The Destroyer is on The Game’s personal payroll, and that means when Joe is given marching orders, he follows them. Rollins has his hands full with Joe, and a dual have customarily usually begun in their exhilarated rivalry.

Rollins could win during Extreme Rules, and he would positively give Lesnar a good compare when a time comes. But if all of that happens, afterwards a story between Rollins and Joe would finish prematurely, and Triple H’s impression would never concede that to happen.

The Game is not finished with Rollins, and that means Joe still has a pursuit to do. As prolonged as Triple H is out for blood opposite Rollins, afterwards The Kingslayer has no possibility of slaying The Beast.

There’s no reason to trust Roman Reigns won’t be a final male station during Extreme Rules on Jun 4. 

Reigns took down The Undertaker during WrestleMania 33. When that happened, a many iconic Superstar in association story done a matter for a whole universe to see; it’s Reigns’ time now. The WWE is relocating brazen with a new tip guy, as Reigns has satisfied his full intensity as a bankable face of a company.

The WWE belongs to him, and everybody else is partial of a ancillary cast.

Many fans hatred that fact, and that’s to be expected. Reigns has had his critics from a impulse The Shield separate in 2014, and he’s never been some-more despised than he is now. But notwithstanding a overwhelmingly disastrous greeting Reigns customarily receives, the WWE continues to book him as a babyface. 

Lesnar needs a babyface to work, and a dual group have history. It’s a tip warrior vs. a tip guy, in a compare for Raw’s tip championship. What some-more could WWE want?

But Reigns vs. Lesnar is a compare that many fans believed would not occur until WrestleMania 34. As distant as categorical eventuality marquee bouts are concerned, there might be nothing bigger than this one, generally deliberation Reign’s positioning atop a company.

Why would the WWE play that label now?

Reigns vs. Lesnar does make sense. The subsequent male to kick Lesnar could feasible be a male now heading a company, and it’s a ideal fit for everybody involved. The WWE can build a rest of 2017 around that categorical eventuality compare in 2018, and it would work for a company’s biggest night of a year.

But until that night comes, the WWE will substantially keep some stretch between Reigns and Lesnar. That leaves customarily one male able of stepping adult and proof a critics wrong.

Critics of Finn Balor exist, and many of them have an emanate with Balor’s size.

How could a male who’s giving adult 100 pounds presumably wish to tarry opposite a male who can’t be stopped? Balor might have heart, and he might have talent, though both can customarily get him so distant with Lesnar. To be rival with The Beast Incarnate takes most some-more than customarily ability; it takes superhuman effort.

But it also takes good timing, and that’s accurately what Balor has.

Balor is not endangered in an ongoing adversary right now. He’s not in a mark where another Superstar needs him in sequence to pierce forward. Balor has an dull dance card and a lot to prove. Those dual things might parent a ideal charge that leads Balor to Lesnar.

The WWE needs to keep Lesnar from Reigns right now. The dual will cranky paths eventually, and they will substantially pierce brazen to WrestleMania 34 subsequent year. But in a meantime, Lesnar should face opposite opponents underneath opposite circumstances.

The New Era can advantage from a compare between Balor and Lesnar, generally if Balor becomes The Demon King.

Balor’s change ego is customarily used underneath special circumstances, and confronting The Beast Incarnate applies. It might demeanour like a mismatch on paper, though Balor’s theatrics total with his pound mouth credentials in New Japan might make him a ideal competition for Lesnar.

Balor and Lesnar would rip a residence down, and they merit a possibility to do customarily that.


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