Breaking Down a Best and Worst of a WWE for Week of Dec. 22

December 27, 2014 - WWE

The Christmas Day book of NXT featured only one match—Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks.

That alone finished it good value examination Thursday’s show. Once again, a women from developmental delivered a compelling, absolute square of art in a ring. They didn’t utterly strech a turn of electricity that that they did during NXT TakeOver: R Evolution, though they came close.

Banks was a invader for most of a night.

She was a python jacket around her foe, pulling her physique behind awkwardly. Charlotte’s leg got held in a ropes, and her behind rattled opposite a pad when Banks superplexed her. Still, a champ prevailed.

The women did such a excellent pursuit that it was easy to forget that Ric Flair stood during ringside.

They both showed that they are distant and divided NXT’s dual best Divas. Beyond that, NXT continues to uncover WWE how women’s wrestling is done. 

On a categorical roster, women are relegated to filler/eye-candy duty. NXT fans know they can be so most some-more than that.

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