Breaking Down a Best and Worst of a WWE for Week of Dec. 29

January 2, 2015 - WWE

Fans didn’t now how prolonged they would have to wait for Daniel Bryan to return. After his neck surgery, they didn’t know if he would even ever be means to step into a ring and contest again.

WWE done use of that uncertainty, carrying Bryan provoke retirement on Monday’s Raw before announcing he was entering his name in a Royal Rumble.

Suddenly, a register feels so many deeper. There are a series of good intensity matches to demeanour brazen to. WWE can array Bryan opposite Seth Rollins, Rusev, Cesaro or maybe even Brock Lesnar.

Bryan delivered an emotional, absolute promo, and a throng responded with a same kind of electricity that Bryan desirous before his injury. 

In news that didn’t emanate as many headlines, a register also got another boost from a informed face. Bad News Barrett returned on Monday night.

Barrett will supplement copiousness to WWE programming as well. For one, Dolph Ziggler now has an ideal opposition to come after his Intercontinental Championship.

Having both Bryan and Barrett healthy and prepared to make a many of 2015 creates it easy to get vehement about a year ahead.

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