Breaking Down a Best and Worst of a WWE for Week of Dec 15

December 20, 2014 - WWE

AJ Lee left her compare during TLC with a poser chemical blazing her eyes. Doctors burning them out and luckily prevented any long-term repairs to her vision.

All that was only partial of a storyline, yet it creates no clarity that this occurrence wouldn’t be a bigger understanding a subsequent night.

A member of a register scarcely goes blind, and a uncover simply goes on, with no refurbish on her health or Nikki Bella bragging about her act.

Dolph Ziggler distinguished winning behind a Intercontinental Championship by removing tossed around in a forgettable tab group compare that seemed many endangered with displaying how absolute Big Show is.

And one night after Bray Wyatt categorical evented TLC, he didn’t seem on Raw during all. He and Dean Ambrose worked a dim compare instead.

Of course, The Bunny done it to a uncover proper, though.

WWE unsuccessful to build on Ziggler’s feat as good as a Divas pretension and categorical eventuality storylines. Simply relocating on from a large moments on a pay-per-view is a surefire approach to make them seem reduction important. 

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