Breaking Down WWE’s Most Controversial and Shocking Stories for Week of Aug. 25

August 25, 2017 - WWE

    Bobby Roode finished a prohibited opening on a SmackDown Live categorical roster, where he total to flower as possibly a babyface or a heel. The Bobby Roode impression is a processed heel, though his “Glorious” opening is unfit to boo.

    With Cena out screwing around on Raw and Baron Corbin reportedly in WWE’s oft-petty doghouse, per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), Roode will have copiousness of room to grow in possibly role.

    An opening argument with Aiden English hints that Roode will start as a babyface, though maybe this was finished meaningful that a Barclays Center would conflict agreeably to a debuting Roode no matter who he faced. In a prolonged run, Roode has a aloft roof as a heel.

    Meanwhile, WWE continued a uncanny settlement of swapping out one black talent for another when Shelton Benjamin transposed Jason Jordan as Chad Gable’s tab group partner. I’m all for Benjamin entrance back, though as a black man, we was worried with a approach a Daniel Bryan impression attempted to make Chad Gable feel improved by giving him a shiny, new black tab group partner.

    Regardless of your skin color, suppose if we had a pursuit where we worked closely with a minority and a dual of we had a good operative relationship. Then, after pronounced minority left for greener pastures, your boss—in an bid to hearten we up—hired another chairman of that same ethnicity. Yikes.

    That shred from SmackDown Live was flattering most a low-budget, tone-deaf supplement to Get Out.

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