Breaking Down WWE’s Most Controversial, Shocking Stories for a Week of Mar 9

March 9, 2017 - WWE

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The WWE is on no necessity of intolerable or argumentative stories as WrestleMania deteriorate draws near. It’s early March, and usually about everybody who’s anyone has an apparent program, from Shane Mcmahon’s approaching lean with AJ Styles to Roman Reigns’ polarizing intensity matchup opposite The Undertaker. 

The rest of a month, headed into April, total to be full of surprises, twists and turns, and it’s all interjection to a WWE’s biggest eventuality of a year. 


Daniel Bryan: On his approach out of a WWE? 

Despite “retiring” in a remarkable open rite in 2016, Daniel Bryan has done no skeleton about a fact that he expected hasn’t wrestled his final match. Bryan has accidentally thrown around terms like “never contend never” during a new talk with The Gorilla Position podcast (h/t Wrestling Inc), while insisting that he has been privileged by eccentric neurologists notwithstanding a WWE’s best wishes.

Bryan continued to fan a abandon of a intensity in-ring lapse when he noted, on a teeming strike show Talking Smack:I can’t [wrestle] or they won’t let me? We’ll see in a year and a half; we’ll see what happens.” 

Bryan loves wrestling too most for his swan strain to be a clearly forced retirement from a firm that might have had his best interests in mind. Bryan has never been during assent with his supposed retirement, mostly opening adult about how tough it is to lay on a sidelines. If Bryan returns, it will expected be in a proportions of an eccentric promotion. Still, watch out. 


Goldberg becomes WWE Universal Champion  

As speculated, Goldberg degraded Kevin Owens in underneath a notation to spin WWE Universal champion as his quip debate continues to thrive. The part-time star became a universe champion usually in time for a city of Chicago to spin on him, chanting “CM Punk” during a intense promo while entertaining a warn appearance—and attack—by Brock Lesnar

Goldberg and Lesnar figure to title WrestleMania in a compare that will rouse Raw’s biggest championship, though it will be engaging to see if a unavoidable fan rebel was a one-time thing from an often-reckless Chicago crowd, or if fans are removing sleepy of Goldberg’s squish matches in an epoch when they are typically marred with extensively simulations of eccentric wrestling matches. 


Roman defeats Bran Strowman as Undertaker WrestleMania Match Looms 

After a WWE spent months building adult a rarely successful Monster Among Men that is Braun Strowman, tip star Roman Reigns became a fist WWE Superstar to better a clearly unstoppable savage during WWE Fastlane. In further to his singular new choice in footwear, Reigns caused an conflict for scoring an fugitive feat that many feel he might not need. Hopefully, a WWE still has skeleton to strengthen Strowman, even by a probable destiny universe championship run that we feel he has earned. 

Meanwhile, Reigns prepares for The Undertaker in a polarizing match. After Reigns’ feat over Strowman, who had never been degraded by pinfall or submission, it’s anybody’s theory as to either or not he will measure an even some-more fugitive feat over The Undertaker. This is what creates Reigns a ideal competition for The Deadman. 


Miz Fires behind during John Cena 

As most as we desired a sell between The Miz and John Cena final week on SmackDown, we wasn’t a outrageous fan of a predicted regulation of a heel environment himself adult to being verbally picked detached by Cena. Miz incited that all around this past week on Talking Smack, a place where he has thrived given a code split, with a sardonic come-back to Cena’s accusations from final week. 

In response to Cena’s barbs of Miz hidden his personality, Miz compared Cena to Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark while indicating out that Cena’s possess crime of his finisher, his T-shirt and his girlfriend. 


Miz is one of a few WWE Superstars who not usually can hang with Cena on a mic, though also has clearly warranted a trust of a WWE to go in deeper than others. As I’ve been observant given this rumored compare was announced, TotalMania should be good. 


Shane McMahon vs…AJ Styles? 

AJ Styles had a intensity WrestleMania categorical eventuality swept from underneath him, and his satisfaction esteem seems to be a date with Shane McMahon. Though a AJ Styles impression should be dissapoint about this development, a compare opposite a McMahon will expected be treated as a aloft priority than a world-title compare for a B show. 

Styles is a form of talent who can have a good compare with anybody, including a highly-athletic-for-a-guy-in-his-40s Shane McMahon. Depending on a stipulation, Styles-McMahon is my dark-horse choice to take a show. 


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