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March 21, 2015 - WWE

Ring Rust Radio is a best wrestling uncover on a airwaves, and this week was no different. With clever opinions on a Brock Lesnar, Sting and more, this is where we need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets.

Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. Also, Lucha Underground star Alberto El Patron joined the uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to Meet Face to Face on Raw

With reduction than a week until WrestleMania 31, WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will correlate for a initial time given a night after a Royal Rumble pay-per-view on a go-home book of Raw. Since Lesnar‘s singular appearances have gradual a build to some degree, WWE contingency hit it out of a park when a categorical eventers come face to face on Raw.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: How Will a Build Culminate?

Although it is transparent that a bulk of a WWE fanbase wanted Daniel Bryan to take on Lesnar during WrestleMania rather than Reigns, a universe pretension compare has a intensity to make or mangle a whole show.

Despite a insurgency to Reigns’ ascent, he has an eventuality to infer himself on a grandest theatre of them all, and there is reason to trust that he and a Beast Incarnate are means of putting on a hard-hitting, sparkling and noted eventuality during WrestleMania.

In sequence to truly make that a possibility, though, WWE has to get a fans vehement about a match. That is where a go-home book of Raw comes in, as Lesnar and Reigns will finally be in a same ring together.

Paul Heyman has finished a illusory pursuit carrying this angle on a microphone, yet he can usually do so much. At some point, it contingency turn about a combatants who will close horns during WrestleMania, and that should be a box on Raw.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Aside from a fact that Reigns won a Rumble and Lesnar is a champion, WWE hasn’t finished many in terms of revelation a fans because a WrestleMania categorical eventuality is significant. Heyman has alluded to it by putting Reigns over usually to advise that he can’t kick his client, yet there are no personal issues between Reigns and Lesnar.

Since there is a miss of feverishness between them, WWE roughly has to make them brew it adult physically to some grade in sequence to build anticipation.

That was finished to good outcome before to WWE Fastlane, as Reigns and Daniel Bryan intent in a pull-apart quarrel that had a locus buzzing. Something identical between Reigns and Lesnar could do wonders.

Neither man has to get a advantage, and zero impracticable has to be done. A few haymakers followed by a slew of referees and agents stepping in is precisely a kind of hype indispensable to hoard some last-minute buys for WrestleMania and a WWE Network.


Rumor Mill

Possible change to Lesnar contra Reigns result (Reddit around


Sting Saves Randy Orton from an Authority Attack

After orchestrating a device in sequence to peace Randy Orton into a fake clarity of confidence on Raw, Seth Rollins and a Authority seemed staid to kick a Viper down. The tables incited quickly, though, as Sting seemed with his reliable bat in palm and helped Orton quarrel off a Authority while Triple H looked on in anger.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Has WWE Built Sting vs. Triple H Well Enough?

Two of WrestleManias tip angles crossed paths on Raw, yet there is no doubt that a compare between Triple H and Sting is some-more expected to expostulate WrestleMania viewership than Orton and Rollins.

The latter hitch might infer to be improved from a technical perspective, yet a newness of saying Sting contest in his initial WWE compare trumps that. As cold as that will be for longtime wrestling fans, it is satisfactory to doubt if WWE has finished adequate to build adult both combatants.

Sting has seemed on WWE programming 4 times so far, and he has gotten a improved of a Game on each occasion. The Vigilante pushed a Authority out of energy during Survivor Series, helped 3 dismissed Superstars get their jobs back, kick down Triple H during Fastlane and, many recently, saved Orton.

It was already apparent from a start that Sting was unfailing to better Triple H during WrestleMania, yet unwell to during slightest emanate a apparition of Triple H carrying a probability is bad booking.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

There is still one partial of Raw remaining before WrestleMania, that means there is one final probability to make a King of Kings demeanour strong. With that said, there hasn’t been any denote that Sting will even appear.

It is probable that there will be a surprise, many like final this past Raw, yet one can usually assume that WWE would wish to publicize something that poignant for a final Raw before to WrestleMania. Add in a fact that many of a concentration will be on Reigns and Lesnar, and it isn’t outward a area of probability that Triple H will be left to finish off a build on his own.

That would be a large mistake, given a usually approach to deliver a build during this indicate is for Triple H to palm Sting a large beating. Triple H has already cut a series of good promos in this feud, yet adding one some-more yet removing any form of earthy advantage won’t assistance his cause.

For all a speak among Internet fans of Triple H being a “burial machine,” Triple H has finished zero yet put others over in new years. He’ll do so once again during WrestleMania, yet it is distant too predicted this time around.


Rumor Mill

Backstage speak per Triple H and NXT (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via


RRR Interview with Lucha Underground’s Alberto El Patron

Few Mexico-born wrestlers have done as large of an impact in a United States as Alberto El Patron. His reign with WWE might have come to an end, yet El Patron is still a executive figure in veteran wrestling as partial of a up-and-coming Lucha Underground promotion.

El Patron will be a outrageous cause in Lucha Underground’s success relocating forward, and he assimilated Ring Rust Radio to plead that and so many more.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for Alberto?

Since withdrawal WWE, El Patron has been on a hurl in several opposite promotions. In further to fasten Lucha Underground, he is a AAA World Heavyweight champion in Mexico and has also worked for Ring of Honor.

Lucha appears to be El Patron’s primary concentration during this point, though, and he believes that a sky is a extent for a fast flourishing company.

Lucha Underground is a illusory product. They have a right people talent and subsidy adult a product. we am 100 percent certain that this association is going to be one of a top-three wrestling companies around a universe during a finish of this year.

I have been doing a wrestling shows all over a world. People are interlude me and revelation me how many they suffer a product and how opposite it is. The fans pronounced they have been watchful for something like this that they can watch and suffer each week.

Becoming one of a top-three companies in a universe is positively ambitious, given Lucha Underground is in foe with WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA and New Japan Pro Wrestling for that honor. If it continues to move in stars of El Patron’s caliber, however, it is a idea that is really many within reach.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

El Patron’s biggest success in WWE came early during his run as an conceited heel. El Patron has naturally portrayed a face impression in Lucha Underground and AAA, given he is dear by a Latino fanbase, yet he done it transparent that personification a good man isn’t indispensably his preference.

I adore being a bad guy. Everybody loves a bad guy, including a chicks. That’s a place where we would like to be, yet during a finish of a day I’m going to be what a fans wish me to be or where they put me.

When we left a other association [WWE], they motionless to put me in a good man side. we have been operative as a babyface given then. I’m not going to contend we am not enjoying it, yet we do. If we would ask me, though, we would adore to be a bad man again.

It is tough to disagree with how El Patron is being employed in Lucha Underground currently, given a association needs someone with star energy and cachet to be a tip face. If it is means to land someone such as Rey Mysterio in a nearby future, though, a doorway could be open for El Patron to bear a impression mutation and behind to his heel roots.


B/R Article

Alberto El Patron Talks Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio, WWE and More


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