Brock Lesnar defeats Samoa Joe during WWE Great Balls of Fire

July 10, 2017 - WWE

12:09 AM ET

From a impulse it was announced that Brock Lesnar would have his initial Universal pretension invulnerability during Great Balls of Fire, many noticed it simply as a stepping mill — some hapless schlub fed to a savage on his approach to a some-more suggestive compare during SummerSlam.

Samoa Joe, a usually one of 5 participants though a WWE universe pretension to their name, won a Fatal 5-Way compare during Extreme Rules to turn a No. 1 contender. Sure, he’d finished good things before to WWE, and during NXT, though he’d been floundering a bit given unwell to seem on a WrestleMania card.

But over a past month-plus, as Joe tore down post after post of a Raw register down to size, he became distant some-more than he started out with. He flog Roman Reigns. He flog Seth Rollins. He took out Paul Heyman physically, went toe-to-toe with Lesnar and afterwards choked out a champion. Joe became each bit a heated savage of a past decade that done him a star everywhere else in front of a eyes of a WWE Universe, and on Sunday night during Great Balls of Fire, during a few opposite moments, he seemed to have a Universal pretension within his reach.

It competence not have finished a approach that a outspoken apportionment of WWE fandom competence have wanted, though in this sold detriment — one that was done out to be fluky and maybe unmerited — Joe determined himself as a categorical eventuality talent on Monday Night Raw.

It started before a bell, as Samoa Joe pounded Brock Lesnar before Paul Heyman could finish his introduction. Joe laid Lesnar out during ringside, and afterwards got him adult with a Urinage that sent a champion by a Spanish announcers’ table.

WWE Great Balls of Fire recaps and ratings: All champions retain, though Reigns-Strowman ambulance compare steals show

Brock Lesnar faces Samoa Joe for a WWE Universal championship, though that’s usually one of a 5 pretension matches on a built Great Balls of Fire card.

Lesnar took several mins to reinstate himself and get behind into a ring, that eventually triggered a bell to ring. Joe strike an bend in a corner, followed by a bicycle flog and some-more strikes, and Lesnar strike a garland of knees to a midsection out of recklessness to delayed Joe’s movement down.

Lesnar kept lashing out with aroused motions, such as shoulder strikes to a midsection, and knees, though Joe strike a head-butt and sealed in a Coquina purchase nearby a ropes for a initial time. Lesnar used a precedence to send Joe’s conduct into a tip turnbuckle, though still a challenger would not be stopped. Finally, Lesnar slipped divided and finally got himself right where he wanted to be — behind Joe. He strike a German suplex. A second, and afterwards a third followed. The fourth was countered by Joe grabbing a ropes, and a challenger re-established control with a low-blow as a official’s line of steer got blocked.

Another Urinage warranted a two-count, and Joe sealed in a Coquina purchase again. Lesnar fought with all he had, branch pink, afterwards purple, by throwing behind elbows and anything else he could consider of. A path impact eventually did a pursuit and pennyless a hold.

Lesnar missed a spear, going shoulder-first into a ring post, though crawled behind by Joe’s legs. A integrate of German suplexes followed, and as Joe went adult into a F5, a atmosphere went out of a crowd. But Joe slipped out, bringing fans behind to a dilemma of their seats. One final Coquina purchase bid looked to be a deepest yet, and Joe indeed wrapped his legs around his large foe, despite as they went to a corner.

Lesnar eventually slipped out, strike an F5 and finished off a match. Would another 5 mins or a kickout on a F5 softened a match? Perhaps. But a out-of-nowhere finish gives Joe a leg to mount on going forward, no matter who’s subsequent for him. He competence not be champion yet, though if a flashes he showed opposite Lesnar are any indication, that destiny competence not be a siren dream anymore.

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