Brock Lesnar promo seems to advise destiny is in WWE, not UFC

March 11, 2015 - WWE

The rumors about former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar presumably returning to a UFC continue to swirl, generally in a face of his agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment approaching to run out in a subsequent month.

Lesnar seemed during UFC 184 usually a integrate of weeks ago where he sat enclosure side usually behind UFC boss Dana White, and this happened around a same time a bumbling heavyweight apparently walked out of a assembly with WWE officials in a midst of agreement negotiations.

White has confirmed a same position each time Lesnar’s name comes up: His response is that he’ll gladly speak to a former champion once Lesnar’s understanding with WWE comes to a close.

But is Lesnar indeed disposition toward a lapse to a UFC, or is this usually posturing for a new understanding with WWE?

On Monday night, Lesnar seemed on “WWE Raw,” where his longtime crony and on-screen manager Paul Heyman cut a promo forward of his wrestling compare with Roman Reigns (former Georgia Tech football standout Leati Anoa’i). Heyman once again forsaken a spirit about a former champion reclaiming a UFC pretension he mislaid several years ago.

“Because if Brock Lesnar wants to spend his summer unifying a WWE and a UFC titles, that’s what he’s gonna do!” Heyman shouted.

Now, a small discuss of a UFC product on WWE radio done many people consternation either this unequivocally was usually a messenger of things to come once Lesnar’s understanding with a veteran wrestling joining is over, though in existence this one matter seems to gaunt things in a finish conflicting direction.

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WWE is scripted party and a prolongation for a uncover is tip nick opposite a board, though a people handed microphones and afforded several mins of on-air time are frequency postulated finish liberty when it comes to what they’re going to contend before indeed observant it. There’s not indispensably a script, though wrestlers or managers or even commentators don’t make statements — generally confidant statements — though WWE’s approval.

It’s tough to suppose Heyman, who is dictatorial in his work on a microphone, would be handed a keys to a dominion though tip government during a WWE already wakeful of a horizon of what he’s about to say. 

Acknowledging a rumors about Lesnar potentially jumping boat to UFC while deliberating it on atmosphere on a WWE uncover usually furthers a opinion that a 37-year-old former NCAA champion wrestler already has done a preference about his long-term future, and it’s expected not in a Octagon.

Lesnar has been buried low in agreement negotiations with WWE for months, and his entrance during a UFC eventuality usually weeks before his understanding is adult competence be a lot of things, though it’s not expected a coincidence. Nor is a fact that Heyman forsaken a UFC name while articulate about Lesnar’s arriving compare during WWE Wrestlemania.

Lesnar has left by a integrate of agreement negotiations with a WWE given returning to a classification after his final quarrel in a UFC behind in 2012.  Every time Lesnar’s agreement is clearly entrance to an end, a rumors about his lapse to a UFC start all over again until he signs another deal.

Craig Sager, acknowledges a throng during a timeout of a diversion between a Chicago Bulls and a Oklahoma City Thunder, Thursday, Mar 5, 2015 in Chicago. Craig Sager returned to his informed mark on a NBA sideline Thursday after being treated for leukemia.  (AP Photo/David Banks)

The fact is, Lesnar will spin 38 in Jul and hasn’t fought given Dec 2011. His physique is healthy and in shape, that is something he couldn’t count on during his final days with a UFC after a conflict with diverticulitis attacked him of dual years of his fighting career. The problem is, with some-more than 3 years off already, a probability Lesnar earnings to a form he had during his rise is minimal.

The usually thing that competence play a partial in Lesnar returning to a UFC is a fact that this is substantially a final probability he’ll get during carrying another quarrel before it’s too late. Even with that possibility, it’s still tough to suppose Lesnar giving adult guaranteed income in a WWE, where he is a large pull and a outrageous star with no probability that he’ll go anywhere though a tip while behaving as a veteran wrestler.

Clearly a same can’t be pronounced if he earnings to a UFC since one some-more bad detriment could send Lesnar make-up again — and afterwards he’s unequivocally stuck.

If Lesnar’s understanding with a WWE does come to an end, a UFC confidently will make a pull to move him behind into a overlay since he was MMA’s biggest star when he was racking adult outrageous pay-per-view numbers between 2008 and 2011. 

But this latest graduation forward of his matchup during WrestleMania seems to advise that Lesnar competence be closer to a new agreement with WWE and they are usually regulating a UFC name to assistance foster an arriving angle in a story line — and that’s as “professional wrestling” as we can get.

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