Brock Lesnar responds to Conor McGregor’s comments on WWE

August 20, 2016 - WWE

Conor McGregor has been on a hurl ruffling feathers lately, either it be a UFC brass, his UFC 202 competition Nate Diaz, or WWE superstars. During a discussion call heading adult to UFC 202, McGregor let his feelings about a WWE be known, promulgation off a shockwave of indignant rebuttals from WWE superstars.

“For a many part, those WWE guys are (expletive). To be honest, they’re messed adult (expletive) if we ask me,” McGregor said. “Fair play to Brock [Lesnar], he got in a quarrel though during a finish of a day he’s juiced adult to a f–king eyeballs so how can we honour that? The other man he hasn’t fought nonetheless so we don’t know about him yet.”

McGregor doubled down with a twitter a integrate of days later, vouchsafing a universe know he’d slap a conduct off a whole WWE roster.

Ahead of Summer Slam and on a eve of UFC 202, Sam Roberts asked Brock Lesnar about Conor McGregor during an eventuality for a WWE 2K17 game, and a Beast Incarnate had a lot to say.

“I take sh-ts bigger than that kid,” Lesnar said. “Come on guys. we know we guys all play f–king video games and we live in this f–king fake clarity of existence and sh-t. I’m 200 and f–king 90 pounds, alright, this man is 145 pounds and that’s if he’s propitious and gets adult and f–king cooking his Wheaties.

“If Conor McGregor wants to contend some sh-t to me and get his name out there some-more than he already has, by dropping my name, we got about 10 f–king difference for him. Come here face-to-face Conor and contend it to my face. Otherwise leave me and a f–king WWE out of it since we came to your locus and kicked ass. Now if we wish and you’re so f–king tough, come to a locus and try to flog some ass.”

McGregor would be out of his component in a WWE, where distance is key, and McGregor positively would be small compared to tip stars like Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. Former WWE champion Seth Rollins also recently addressed Conor McGregor’s comments on SportsCenter.

“If he was critical about it, guy’s 5’6”, 145 or whatever he walks around at, we don’t know, though we can see me here, I’m a full-size tellurian being, so if he wants to come around and try to slap a face off me or whatever insult he’s got for a day, by all means, come step into a ring and see what we got,” Rollins said.

Rollins also suggested where McGregor would fit in a WWE landscape.

“I consider he’d make a illusory cruiserweight,” Rollins said. “You know we’ve got a new cruiserweight multiplication entrance to Raw were a guys have to be 205 pounds or less, so he could fit right into there. If he wants to come into a ring with a heavyweights, he competence need to eat some pizzas and splash a few some-more gallons of milk.”

One thing is undeniable, McGregor would have measureless star energy if he did ever cranky over into a WWE and it positively would turn a outrageous event. Ronda Rousey’s appearance during WrestleMania 31 stole a uncover and valid a cranky over is there for a UFC’s biggest stars.

Given a Irishman’s ability to speak trash, he’d be a good fit and no one would intent to saying him seem in a WWE down a road.

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