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June 27, 2015 - WWE

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Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. TNA star Kenny King also assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Seth Rollins and a Authority Take Down Brock Lesnar

One week after Brock Lesnar returned to WWE programming and was suggested as Seth Rollins’ foe during Battleground, a WWE World Heavyweight champion put together a devise in an try to take down a Beast. Early earnings were good, as Kane and JJ Security helped Rollins kick down a Conquerer as Raw came to a close.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What Does a Authority’s Reunion Mean?

Rollins was means to better Dean Ambrose on his possess in a ladder compare during Money in a Bank, yet a savvy Superstar knows he needs assistance in sequence to get past Lesnar.

Although Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble were primarily demure to react army with a champ, they eventually motionless to lend him a assisting palm after he apologized for mistreating them in new months. That led to Lesnar holding a brunt of a punishment, nonetheless he was means to get some shots in as well.

The Beast Incarnate harmed Noble by pushing him into a barricade, so a Authority competence be down one member entering Battleground. Kane supposing a good equalizer, however, by attack Lesnar in a leg with a chair and maybe injuring him as well.

Lesnar has been so widespread for some-more than a year that WWE had to do something to turn a personification margin to make it demeanour like Rollins has a chance. By strengthening a Authority, that is precisely what happened.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

WWE has laid a grounds for a rarely intriguing compare during Battleground. Not usually does Rollins have backup once again, yet Lesnar has unexpected been compromised. He could potentially be kept off radio for a week or dual in sequence to sell a leg injury, and a announcers can play adult to a fact that he isn’t handling during 100 percent when a compare finally does arrive.

Nobody believes that Rollins could kick Lesnar with all things being equal, yet a Beast’s carrying a bad circle could change things in that regard.

At a same time, it is formidable to trust a Authority will sojourn a cohesive unit, deliberation how dysfunctional they were during a weeks heading adult to their reunion.

The apparent try to change a contingency behind in Rollins’ preference feels like a predecessor to a Lesnar win during Battleground. Perhaps it could lead to a suspension finish that sets adult a rematch for SummerSlam, yet it is intensely formidable to prognosticate Rollins winning during Battleground in any way, figure or form.


Rumor Mill

Possible artistic skeleton for universe title (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via


Bray Wyatt’s Mind Games Against Roman Reigns Continue

While a bulk of a concentration was on a storyline involving Rollins and Lesnar on Monday’s book of Raw, one of a tip auxiliary feuds continued to rise between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. The Eater of Worlds cost Reigns in a Money in a Bank ladder match, and he has given worried a former Shield member by mentioning of his daughter.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is WWE Building This Feud Correctly?

Reigns is featured in a blurb about fatherhood with his daughter in that they sing “I’m a Little Teapot.” Wyatt has used that opposite Reigns by singing a strain invariably and creation a Powerhouse feel as yet his daughter competence be in danger. The New Face of Fear took that a step serve on Raw by tricking Reigns into meditative that he had abducted his daughter.

It incited out there was nobody in a chair opposite from Wyatt, yet Reigns went looking for him anyway. Once he found a room that Wyatt had been in, a recording of “I’m a Little Teapot” played, and a wall was dirty with photos of Reigns. “Anyone yet you” was also created on a wall, that suggests Wyatt is doing all in his energy to safeguard that Reigns doesn’t strech a apex of WWE.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

While a adversary between Reigns and Wyatt got off to a sincerely good start, it seems to be going down a unsatisfactory highway already. The initial emanate between them, as explained by Wyatt, was a fact Reigns degraded him in a hitch that denied him a mark in a Money in a Bank ladder match.

While that form of candid proof hasn’t been a normal over a march of Wyatt’s career so far, it was lovely in comparison to his routinely mysterious logic for entering feuds.

Adding Reigns’ daughter to a brew even seemed like a good hold during initial in sequence to make things some-more personal between a dual Superstars, yet it has unexpected turn a categorical member of a feud. The latest shred on Raw seemed like came true out of a cheesy fear film, and one can usually assume there will be many some-more identical segments to come.

Wyatt’s angles have a gusto for removing repeated in a hurry, and it feels like his strife with Reigns has already jumped a shark.


Rumor Mill

Possible artistic skeleton for Reigns (Wrestling Observer Radio around


RRR Interview with TNA’s Kenny King

Although TNA has positively had a ups and downs in new years, few will disagree with a idea that it boasts a low and gifted roster. Two-time X-Division champion Kenny King is one of a tip stars a graduation has to offer, and a King of a Night sat down with Ring Rust Radio to plead what a destiny binds for both himself and Impact Wrestling.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for King?

The 33-year-old King is a maestro of business who pennyless in as a competitor on WWE’s Tough Enough in 2002. King fell usually brief of winning a foe notwithstanding arguably being a many considerable wrestler on a show. He has given left on to suffer a good understanding of success and is a former Ring of Honor Tag Team champion and brave of TNA’s X-Division.

While a X-Division has been a outrageous partial of TNA given a inception, there has clearly been reduction concentration on it over a past several years. Even so, King believes a pieces are in place for it to continue being a pivotal partial of a company:

Well, there are times when a multiplication takes a forefront and afterwards there’s times when a guys’ stories can go slow. It’s kind of one of those things where we demeanour during a strange trademark for TNA is built on a X-Division. It’s one of a reasons TNA’s temperament is tied with a X-Division.

The fact that any given day we can put X-Division guys, any dual of us, and give us 15-to-20 mins we will get a categorical eventuality peculiarity match. That’s a covenant to how clever it is and that it will always be there.

King competence not be a stream X-Division champion, yet he is a cream of a stand as distant as X-Division wrestlers are concerned, and he will have a outrageous palm in a success relocating forward.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

With TNA perplexing to settle itself on Destination America and sojourn applicable in a face of complicated foe from a likes of WWE, ROH and Lucha Underground, a doorway is positively open for certain talents to step adult and turn categorical eventers. King is nearby a tip of that list, and he feels he is prepared to take advantage when a event presents itself.

I consider it comes down to timing and all has to be right. we am my No. 1 fan, and we would have told we that I’m prepared for a pretension shot that day, yet it competence not have been a right timing. Whenever it is my time, we squeeze it and we run with it.

The thing we can contend about TNA is it’s not a aged ensure anymore. The pull to a tip is there for guys who are prepared and means to do it contra usually name recognition.

There aren’t many wrestlers who have a sum package of skills indispensable to be a top-flight star, yet King does. He is magnificently jaunty and gifted in a ring, yet he is also charismatic and able of slicing good promos, mostly interjection to a drill of WWE Hall of Famer Nick Bockwinkel.

King continues to put on glorious performances as he bides his time and waits for a shot during a tip esteem in TNA, and each denote is that he will hit it out of a park when he eventually gets that chance.


B/R Article

Kenny King Talks TNA Destination X, WWE Tough Enough, Ring of Honor and More (via Brandon Galvin)


Ring Rust Radio’s Season 9 Fantasy WWE Standings

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2. Brandon Galvin: 25

3. Joe Arcidiacono: 5

4. Mike Chiari: -20


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