Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Match Preview and Pick

July 9, 2017 - WWE


A dream compare of sorts will reveal Sunday night during WWE Great Balls of Fire as Samoa Joe hurdles Brock Lesnar for a Universal Championship in a summer’s many hotly expected match.

Well over a decade given any rose to prominence, they take to a squared round for a huge strife that will possibly endorse The Beast Incarnate’s standing as a baddest male in veteran wrestling or offer as a accession of Joe as a toughest son of a dog a attention has to offer.

A hard-hitting, earthy fight that will settle a differences between a many widespread badasses of their generation, a competition headlines a uncover with a intensity to be one of a year’s best.


The Unstoppable Force vs. The Immovable Object

In 2003, Lesnar was during a tallness of his initial run with WWE. The Next Big Thing, as he was anointed by a selling machine, was a face of SmackDown and a star tapped to lift Vince McMahon’s association for a subsequent 20 years.

And he was damn capable.

A super contestant who churned rare speed and lively for an contestant of his distance with supernatural energy and a smashmouth pad game, he was a finish package between a ropes. He was a bumbling phenom yet a seemly wrestler with a ability to erase his competition if need be or take a uncover with a classical when a event arose.

Lesnar was the guy in a many distinguished wrestling graduation in a world, yet there was another wrestler hidden headlines and winning championships but a subsidy of a broadside juggernaut.

His name was Samoa Joe, and he would take an eccentric graduation targeting a niche, ardent assembly and spin it into one of a many reputable indy companies in a sport.

He won a Ring of Honor Championship in May 2003 and proceeded to reason it for 19 months, losing it to Austin Aries. During that time, he determined himself as one of a hottest acts in veteran wrestling.

He would continue that trend into TNA, in that he went a year but losing. The initial male to kick him there? WWE Hall of Fame inductee and Raw ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle.

Joe became a unstoppable force Lesnar should have been. He was a badass but a sleepy storyline tropes and controversial engagement a former NCAA pledge wrestling champion had to humour through.

The Superstars never utterly done it into a same place during a same time, though, and fans were perpetually attacked of a event to declare a conflict between a many physical, unforgiving, wild army in their field.



At Extreme Rules on Jun 4, Samoa Joe degraded Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor in a Fatal 5-Way compare to turn a No. 1 contender to a Universal Championship. Seeking to make an impact in brief order, Joe confronted a disciple to a champion, Paul Heyman, and proceeded to send a summary to Lesnar by choking a former ECW owner unconscious in a core of a ring.

When Heyman returned to television, flanked by his Beast Incarnate, Joe done it transparent he will not bob to violence adult a manager, usually to censor from his charge. No, The Destroyer walked right adult to a concept champion and instigated a fight that could be stopped usually by a Raw register holding a gladiators back.

Immensely assured in his abilities, Joe held Lesnar by surprise, aggressive him from behind on a Jun 26 part of Raw and trapping him in a Coquina Clutch. The Beast Incarnate’s face incited several shades of red, with oxygen evading him. In that moment, he satisfied a risk that will conflict him Sunday night.

On Monday, Lesnar sat in a dim room with Heyman by his side and arrogantly egged Joe on, adventurous him to come find him. On a aspect was a cool, cocky confidence. Behind his eyes, though, was a male who knew Joe will yield him with one of a toughest hurdles of his career come Great Balls of Fire.

Again, bodies kept a dual from entrance to blows, and while Lesnar might have acted large and bad, there is a clever odds that a frequently unflappable champion was blissful for it.



This will be a hardest hitting, stiffest, many physically heartless Universal Championship compare in a brief story of that title.

Bar none.

Joe and Lesnar work styles that leave opponents red with welts and manifest scarring. They are revengeful and bloody in their assaults. In an attention mostly dubbed “fake” by critics, zero possibly of those Superstars does between a ropes lacks realness.

When Lesnar uses his superhuman strength to lift Joe off a belligerent and impact him to a pad with a suplex, it hurts. When Joe answers with a array of open-hand thrusts and bone-crushing kicks, it hurts. There will be pain Sunday night.

There might even be blood.

Joe will exam Lesnar’s solve with a array of submissions. Maybe even a Coquina Clutch.

In a end, though, it will be Lesnar who gets a final giggle and scores a hardest-fought feat of his career.

It is a outcome that creates clarity given a instruction WWE clearly wants to take, with both Braun Strowman and Reigns watchful in a wings. 

Even if carrying Joe conquer a resolute beast would make for a ruin of a story.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar retains a WWE Universal Championship in an all-time classic.

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