Charlotte Flair Just Made WWE History: WrestleMania Main Event Will Be Next

April 29, 2017 - WWE


Charlotte Flair‘s trail-blazing impetus to idol standing will see her step onto WWE WrestleMania’s core stage. 

The Queen’s magnetism, in-ring astuteness and fast expansion as a performer will land her where no lady has ever been—the categorical eventuality of The Showcase of a Immortals. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky notion, it’s an inevitability, a healthy outcome of an ongoing evolution.

Flair has done a career out of creation story so far.

That trend continued on Tuesday night when Flair challenged Naomi for a SmackDown Women’s Championship. Their strife capped off a episode, a women earning a aloft mark on a label than a likes of WWE champ Randy Orton and The Phenomenal One AJ Styles.

James Wortman noted on afterward that Flair became “the initial womanlike Superstar to competition in singles matches in a categorical eventuality of Raw, SmackDown and a WWE pay-per-view.”

Flair earning that primary position didn’t feel forced. Her conflict with Naomi was a biggest hitch of a night.

And Flair is inarguably the biggest star of a women’s division, as good as one of a blue brand’s tip resources overall.  

Breaking belligerent has turn a normal for Flair. The Queen formerly collided with Sasha Banks in a series of categorical events on Raw. Those rivals met in Hell in a Cell 2016’s final bout. 

Before that, Flair and Banks headlined an NXT residence uncover in Philadelphia.

As most as these history-making moments are a partial of a graphic change in how WWE showcases a women, it’s also a covenant to a company’s faith in Flair. WWE didn’t brace Natalya for these main event spots. It didn’t hurl with Becky Lynch or Nikki Bella for these opportunities.

Instead, a association has positioned Flair as a flag-bearer for a Women’s Revolution. 

When WWE started job a womanlike wrestlers “Superstars” rather than “Divas,” abandoning a Divas Championship in preference of a new Women’s Championship, WWE chose The Queen to be a initial titleholder and a face of a movement.

Charlotte Flair celebrates her pretension win during WrestleMania 32.Credit:

Flair’s name will usually grow from this point. Her movement will continue to swell. 

That goes for a women’s multiplication as a whole, too.

Raw, SmackDown and NXT’s batch of womanlike talent is during an all-time high. The assembly now expects to see women get some-more ring time, distinguished stories and be a critical partial of a WWE puzzle. 

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon foresees a destiny where women will be a centerpiece of WWE’s biggest annual event.

The exec talked about the possibility in an talk with TMZ Sports progressing this year: “That would be a goal, to have a women main-event during WrestleMania during some indicate in time, either that’s 5 years from now, 10 years from now; we consider they’re going to make it happen.”

And acclaimed manager Paul Heyman believes it will be Flair who achieves that goal. Heyman spoke about Flair’s intensity destiny on the Fight Society podcast in March.

“I think she’s one of a best wrestlers I’ve seen in my life,” Heyman said. “I don’t consider a tellurian assembly has come to comprehend her intensity as a worldwide captivate yet. They will and during that time, we consider she has a intensity to be a initial womanlike in a categorical eventuality compare during WrestleMania.” 

Brock Lesnar‘s disciple doubled down on a thought in an essay he penned for Yahoo Sports:

Flair herself said on the Bear Hug It Out podcast: “There’s no doubt we’ll be rather of a categorical eventuality one day during WrestleMania.”

Remove a “somewhat” from a occasion. A loyal women’s categorical eventuality can positively happen, and Flair promises to be during a core of it.

The Queen has thrived in her prior WrestleMania appearances, looking like a megastar on WWE’s grandest stage.

At WrestleMania 32, the women were awarded a vital opportunity, and they nailed it. After years of being a bathroom-break bout, a multiplication was treated like a pivotal partial of a show. Flair’s title compare with Banks and Becky Lynch was a best competition of a night.

A year later, Flair, Banks, Bayley and Nia Jax met in a Fatal 4-Way match. 

The enemies serve valid women go in a WrestleMania spotlight. The conflict over a Raw women’s pretension thrilled and Flair shone once more. 

Denny Burkholder of CBS Sports marveled during her presence:

Flair has usually been wrestling given 2012. As she gains experience, she will usually turn some-more polished, some-more renouned and harder to omit for a top-tier spot.

It’s not formidable to suppose Flair apropos a large adequate name to aver a categorical eventuality during The Show of Shows with a right competition and a right story.

NXT women’s champ Asuka is one of WWE’s best performers, masculine or womanlike right now. Once she moves to a categorical register and becomes a force there, a showdown with Flair has prime-time potential. Should WWE move in Ronda Rousey from UFC, a strife with Flair would be a income match.

Either one of those battles has a intensity to acquire a mark atop a WrestleMania card.

In a early stages of Flair’s career and these new chapters of a Women’s Revolution, we’ve seen copiousness of story made. That’s not finale anytime time soon. Heyman’s commercial and Flair’s dream guarantee to come true.

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