Charlotte vs. Paige Storyline Takes Ugly, Tasteless Turn on WWE Raw

November 17, 2015 - WWE

WWE dirty so most debate over a Charlotte vs. Paige argument that it’s now tough to see a story underneath.

The company confused real-life tragedy with a means to beget feverishness for a heel. It confused an confounded assembly with an intent one.

On Monday’s WWE Raw, a association incited Reid Fliehr’s genocide into account fodder, a cheap, unpleasant pierce that advantages no one. WWE’s writers had a throng of options before them to hint Charlotte’s madness and went in a idle direction, going down a highway improved left not traveled.

Paige is set to face Charlotte during Survivor Series for a Divas Championship.

The adversary adult to this point had been built around a bad blood between allies-turned-enemies, championship excellence and Charlotte’s need to infer herself. Paige split from her faction with Charlotte, revelation her and a universe that she didn’t believe Charlotte had warranted her mark as champ.

Paige suspicion she deserved a bullion more. In her mind, Charlotte had ridden her famous father’s coattails, job her “Baby Flair.”

Now reduction than a week before their pretension match, a dual women met in a shutting shred of Monday’s Raw to pointer their contracts, and not surprisingly, they bickered.

Charlotte initial brought adult her late hermit when she talked about how tighten she and Paige once were.

There was a shade of annoy for a throng there. Charlotte didn’t dawdle on Reid’s passing. It was only an try during adding abyss to her story.

Had WWE stopped with that, there expected would have been minimal backlash. Sure, it was cheap, though it was radically a thrown-in anecdote, not a uninspired tactic that shortly followed.

After Charlotte talked about how most quarrel she had in her, about how most quarrel her family had in them, Paige glared during her enemy and said, “Your small baby brother, he didn’t have most quarrel in him, did he?”

Reid died in a hotel room during only 25 years old. That was a finish of a scattered life where a immature veteran wrestler struggled with authorised issues and drug problems. As the autopsy after revealed, per Chris Dyches of WISTV, a heroin overdose killed him.

As Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden, author of Shooters: The Toughest Men in Professional Wrestling said on Twitter, there is no approach this should be storyline fodder:

Wrestling is an escapist medium. 

Currently, an immorality corporate oppressor is perplexing to woo his subsequent right-hand man. An undead mortician is seeking punish opposite a cult personality with abnormal powers. Wrestlers are fighting for a possibility to wear a tag of leather and gold.

Those are wrestling stories. Those are angles that concede fans to get mislaid in a scripted universe of a squared circle.

When WWE used Road Warrior Hawk’s real-life alcoholism as an angle on Raw, it went too far. When Randy Orton shouted to Rey Mysterio that his late crony Eddie Guerrero was in hell, it went too far.

And it did so again on Monday night.

The fact that a father and mom outlived their son, that a sister has to live on though her brother, meaningful that he was spiteful so most that he couldn’t stand out of a array of darkness, has no business being a partial of a wrestling match. Infusing tragedy like this into what unfolds on-screen is uncalled for.

WWE exploited a wrestler’s addiction. WWE mined genuine genocide for illusory rivalries.

As F4WOnline’s David Bixenspan forked out, it did harm to Reid’s memory: 

And for what? Vince McMahon might be happy that this debate combined conversation, though it’s not a one he wants people to be having. Fans aren’t some-more perplexed by Charlotte vs. Paige; some-more than a few are positively put off by it. 

That line about Reid doesn’t get Paige heat, either. It gets WWE heat. Brandon Howard from Voices of Wrestling was accurately right when he wrote that fans can see by a resource and will indicate their madness toward a writers, not a heel:

Elizabeth Fliehr was among those examination who felt that way. She had to watch on as her passed son was pulled into a story like a inexpensive column and her daughter had to be a partial of it all.

She tossed out many of a adjectives that fit that segment: