CM Punk Blasting WWE Points to Him Never Coming Back to a Company

December 2, 2014 - WWE

CM Punk threw one final pipebomb WWE’s way.

Punk set glow to bridges that were already smoking in an talk on Colt Cabana’s podcast (audio facilities NSFW language). In Punk’s initial open reason of his remarkable exit in January, he told stories of loosening from WWE medical staff and backstage politics that are certain to rose a company’s face.

We can stop forgetful adult scenarios where Punk shows adult on Raw. This diatribe creates it even clearer that he’s never entrance behind to WWE.

The prick of a shots Punk took positively worsened his attribute with a company, nonetheless some-more importantly his difference uncover how small he feels he has to lose. If he had a pinch of a enterprise to return, he would have hold behind some. He didn’t.

Punk’s talk was a written homogeneous of a knee to a face.

This isn’t Steve Austin walking out in 2002. This was not The Ultimate Warrior withdrawal in 1992. Punk took his criticisms over what those group dismissed during WWE.

The biggest emanate lifted by his comments regard a approach WWE handles injuries. He trashed a company’s concussion protocol, observant that he upheld a concussion exam notwithstanding meaningful that he had suffered one in a Royal Rumble.

He said, “I knew we had a concussion. Everyone knew we had a concussion.”


Elsewhere in a interview, Punk sum a prolonged hitch with a staph infection. He claims a WWE doctors refused to take it severely and misdiagnosed it several times. When he told his possess alloy after quitting WWE how prolonged he had a infection, a alloy told him, “You should be dead.”

That’s a conflicting of a kind of press WWE wants to create. It has for so prolonged prided itself on an softened concussion routine and on improved wrestler safety. Whether Punk’s take is accurate, it’s is going to emanate some-more inspection going forward. 

Punk’s summation is one that is going to relate in a media for distant longer than WWE would like. He said, “WWE doesn’t do anything to strengthen a wrestlers, they do things to strengthen themselves.”

His bashing of a association doctors and a successive bad press prompted WWE to send an official statement to Yahoo Sports. It reads, “WWE takes a health and wellness of a talent really severely and has a extensive Talent Wellness Program that is led by one of a many well-respected physicians in a country, Dr. Joseph Maroon.”

Should Punk ever confirm to try and correct things, WWE will remember a repairs his statements caused, not to plead his lawyers promulgation a 22-page letter per royalties or him bringing in his authorised group to discuss his removal from a WWE 2K15 video game.

The remarkable inlet of his exit in a heart of WrestleMania deteriorate was adequate to have his work cut out for him on negotiating a return. The talk worsens things in a vital way.

According to Bryan Alvarez of (h/t WrestleZone), Triple H is mad with Punk following a interview.

That’s no surprise. Many of Punk’s barbs were destined during The Game. He believed that Triple H busted what he had going in 2011. Punk says he told him, “I severely resent we for not putting me over 3 years ago when we should have.”

He talked about Triple H pulling him from doing 12 Rounds 2, even nonetheless his coming in a film was authorized and he was already in a routine of signing a deal.

Punk told Cabana that Vince McMahon refused to let him walk Chael Sonnen to a ring for his quarrel nonetheless after allowed Triple H to do a same with Floyd Mayweather.

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One of The Straight Edge Superstar’s categorical issues was that he didn’t wish to combat Triple H during WrestleMania 30. He felt he deserved to be in a loyal categorical event. Why would he come behind for reduction than that now?

And if WWE wasn’t peaceful to put him in that mark when he was during his rise and he had nonetheless to stifle a association around interview, it’s not going to do it now.

That’s generally loyal when Triple H takes over. Punk will have to lay in a room with a male he bashed in a open forum and plead his mark on a card. 

Besides, Punk doesn’t seem to wish that anymore. He talked during length with Cabana about how unfortunate he was with WWE, of how many of his ideas were shot down and of how unsuitable a association was with a decision-making.

He described WWE as a place that stifles creativity.  

That’s something he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. Since leaving, he’s appeared on Talking Dead and written for Marvel Comics. He’s giveaway to possibly do cinema or MMA.

The flashes fans have gotten of him given withdrawal a ring have shown a livelier, happier chronicle of Punk.

It’s tough to suppose him wanting to go behind to a association he had such contempt for, one he felt involved his life and sent him his walking papers on his marriage day. 

Taking a wantonness shots he did during WWE on Cabana’s podcast indicate to him not caring about how a association viewed him or what his attribute with McMahon and Triple H is like. 

Punk says he told McMahon, “I don’t caring about wrestling.” That’s evident. He done it subsequent to unfit to make his approach behind to WWE.

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