Column: Will AJ Styles find success in WWE?

January 30, 2016 - WWE

AJ Styles in a WWE.

That judgment itself is
hard enough to fathom though it became existence when Styles was announced as the
third entrance in this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

The longtime TNA stalwart
finally done his approach to a WWE after a integrate of years traversing by the
independent wrestling stage and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Styles simply had the
loudest cocktail when he walked in front of a Orlando crowd. He had a
strong tour in his initial ever WWE compare by durability over 30 mins in the
Royal Rumble and expelling several of his associate superstars.

The following night on
Raw, Styles kick former universe pretension hilt Chris Jericho purify in a solid

There’s no doubt how renouned Styles is with wrestling fans. His T-shirt was sole out in an hour
when it was posted on WWE Shop.

Now it’s adult to Vince
McMahon and association to not screw adult Styles primitive repute with wrestling

With Styles, a WWE has
the event to make another outrageous star that a association desperately needs. Unfortunately,
WWE does not have a best repute of vouchsafing other wrestlers from opposition companies
have good runs.

The dual many prominent
stars that have come to WWE that have had their bequest undermined are Goldberg and Sting,
both of whom were former WCW Champions.

Goldberg’s one year run
in a early 2000s didn’t light a universe on glow as WWE imagined. Besides a
three-month run with a World Heavyweight Championship, Goldberg’s time in the
WWE is mostly lost given he didn’t leave a durability impact.

Sting’s reign with the
WWE began final year after several years in TNA. His in-ring entrance came at
WrestleMania 31 in a high-profile compare opposite Triple H. Like all other WCW
creations, Sting was pinned by Triple H in a compare highlighted some-more by the
cameos than a action.

The subsequent compare WWE used
Sting in was for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite then-champ Seth
Rollins. Sting suffered a legitimate neck damage during a compare and hasn’t
competed since. There’s no calendar for Sting’s lapse though he will be inducted
into a WWE Hall of Fame in a arriving months.

Those are only two
examples of how WWE has been incompetent to serve wrestler’s careers when they
made it to a biggest wrestling association in a world.

A advantage that Styles has
is that he’s in a primary of his career during 38 years old. Styles has been
putting on classical matches over a past integrate of years divided from a WWE

Neither Goldberg nor
Sting entered WWE with as most movement as Styles has.

Another disproportion for
Styles is that he had to legitimately work his approach into WWE. After Styles left
TNA late in 2013, WWE lowballed him on a agreement offer. Styles gamble on himself
that he could make his name bigger on a eccentric stage and he did.

The announce group pronounced at
the Royal Rumble that a hottest giveaway representative in veteran wrestling had
signed with a WWE. Let’s wish that wasn’t only speak given Styles is at
the tip of his diversion right now.

If a WWE doesn’t let
Styles develop afterwards it’s transparent that unfamiliar talent never will.

Thomas Romero-Salas is a enlightenment editor of a Daily
Lobo. He can be reached during or on Twitter @ThomasRomeroS.

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