Cramer’s lightning round: You haven’t missed your possibility to buy shares of WWE

July 25, 2018 - WWE

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World Wrestling Entertainment: “You know, we indeed consider we might not have [missed your shopping opportunity]. we mean, it was Strauss Zelnick who explained this since he runs Take-Two, how constrained [WWE’s] business indication is. And don’t forget, they’re also a subscription business. So we have to say, no, we haven’t. I’d buy half and afterwards see if it comes in.”

Wolverine World Wide: “I like a whole attire business. we like a shoes business. That batch is flattering tighten to a high. I’d cite Nike over it.”

The Kraft Heinz Company: “They need to make a deal. In a meantime, we can't aspect offered it this low. It did go a small bit reduce than this. we consider a company’s perplexing to get sacrament about growth, and if they try to get sacrament about growth, afterwards a batch can go forward. Or they can make an merger and a batch will go higher.”

Royal Dutch Shell PLC: “May we contend let’s put another one in a mix? we like BP. We’ve been revelation people who are members of a bar that BP, with a 5 percent yield, indeed has some-more expansion than even Royal Dutch. That’s a one we would go with.”

The Coca-Cola Company: “The reason since [consumer staples are] lagging a marketplace is since they haven’t been means to uncover a lot of growth. Coca-Cola’s indeed on a expansion path. It’s doing a small bit better. They’re about to report. we consider that [CEO James] Quincey’s doing a good pursuit and we consider it’s delayed and steady.”

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company: “You know what we feel about Scotts? They keep, keep screwing it up. And therefore we consider that it’s positively right that it’s lower. And we know what? we know people were personification it as a pot play. We’ve got genuine pot plays now and a one that we still like is GW Pharma, though we also consider Canopy [Growth] is good and, we know, I’m gripping lane of a whole group.”

Columbia Savings Bank: “These mostly do really well. You have to demeanour during them during a price-to-book value. And I’m not certain what a price-to-book value is, though we will contend this: We’ve got J.P. Morgan offered so cheap. Why do we have to go down and buy a small bank? J.P. Morgan’s a best.”

Cramer's lightning round: You haven't missed your possibility to buy shares of WWE

Disclosure: Cramer’s free trust owns shares of BP and J.P. Morgan.

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