Daniel Bryan Deserves Marquee Singles Match during WWE WrestleMania 31

March 9, 2015 - WWE

Former WWE universe heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan is one of a many renouned Superstars in a wrestling attention though still doesn’t have a compare during WrestleMania 31, that is usually 3 weeks away.

Instead of being thrown into a Ladder compare for a Intercontinental Championship, Bryan deserves to be featured in a marquee singles bout.

As arguably a best pristine in-ring technician in a company, Bryan knows how to take a uncover during WrestleMania. He valid final year in a opening compare opposite Triple H and categorical eventuality opposite Randy Orton and Batista that he has a bravery to surpass expectations.

If he were partial of a multi-man Ladder match, he would be competing for a spotlight with Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and others. Those group need rubs of their own, and hidden a spotlight in a IC pretension stage does zero to gain on how over Bryan is with a WWE Universe.

Bryan gets a best reactions every singular week and is one of a many renouned wrestlers of a final decade. As a ultimate loser character, WWE is sharpened itself in a feet by not engagement Bryan to be in one of a tip singles feuds on a card.

The answer to all of these problems is Sheamus’ lapse as a heel enforcer for The Authority.

The association contingency know a value Bryan adds to any card, and bringing Sheamus behind as a criminal for a heading protagonist WWE is a last-second serve WrestleMania needs.

The WrestleMania 31 label is underwhelming so far, though adding Bryan opposite a newly heel Sheamus should have wrestling fans intrigued. The dual group have good chemistry, and a uninformed juncture will make it feel new and unique.

With Bryan portraying a purpose of a loser who will be essay to overcome a new flesh for The Authority, WWE can serve a overarching storyline of Bryan’s station adult opposite Triple H and Stephanie McMahon while still giving Sheamus a impression ascent he desperately needs.

Instead of blindly throwing Bryan into a incomprehensible Intercontinental Championship match, permitting him to fill a space on a label with an implausible singles compare would be most improved use of his talent.

Bryan deserves to be fighting for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, though a singles compare opposite Sheamus is improved than nothing.


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