Daniel Bryan Held Hostage by WWE’s Caution Surrounding Concussions

October 7, 2015 - WWE

Daniel Bryan is losing a conflict that he’s not even in as WWE collides with attorneys over concussions.

Forced to mount on a sidelines for months, Bryan has had to watch plaintiffs and lawyers go on a descent rather than him. WWE has blocked him from returning to wrestle, as a association is spooked by a intensity authorised ramifications of his pang another conduct injury.

Bryan knows that his destiny with WWE is unclear.

The former universe champ spoke with IGN’s Meghan Sullivan about his stream standing and what’s forward for him. Bryan reiterated once some-more that he’s healthy adequate to contest again.

He said, “All my contrast came back excellent. But a WWE’s medical alloy is skeptical, since of my story of concussions and that arrange of thing. So they will not clear me.”

A neurologist with imagination in concussions privileged Bryan. And his final concussion happened behind in April. He’s display no signs of a damage lingering, yet WWE has kept him out of action. The association stays trigger-shy with him.

It’s no tip why. As Bryan told IGN, “Obviously they’re really hyper-sensitive about concussion things right now.”

WWE’s authorised group has spent most of a year fending off lawsuits from former wrestlers banishment off several concussion-related claims. 

Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton (known as Big Vito and Adam Mercer in a ring, respectively) filed lawsuits against WWE early this year, as ABC News reported. They claimed that WWE was inattentive in diagnosing concussions.

In April, a contingent of new plaintiffs emerged. Russ McCullough, Ryan Sakoda and Matt Wiese (better famous as Luther Reigns) all sued WWE, as reported by TMZ Sports. They claim that “the savagery in a ring has resulted in dementia, Alzheimer’s illness and a lot more.”

It’s gotten to a indicate where WWE is perplexing to forestall any other former employees from leaping onto a dogpile. The Associated Press reported (h/t Fox News) that WWE asked a sovereign decider to retard these lawsuits.

And so while these cases hang over a company’s head, WWE stays overly cautious.

Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp pierce is now gone. Replays of his famous WrestleMania win don’t even uncover a move.

The pierce is not generally dangerous; it only looks like it is. One imagines that a non-WWE fan sitting in a courtroom somewhere would trust it to be barbarous and justification of how pell-mell a wrestling business is. The probability of that suspicion channel minds is adequate for a WWE to pull a Curb Stomp to a side for now.

That’s what WWE has finished with Bryan, as well. Despite a dilettante clearing him and a extensive time after a injury, WWE refuses to budge.

Should Bryan get concussed again and rise critical health issues as a result, WWE would take a large open family strike during a heart of a concussion controversy. The association has shown that it is not peaceful to do that, even with as most as it needs Bryan right now.

As Jason Powell remarkable on ProWrestling.net, last week’s Raw scored a 2.33 rating, down from a 2.47″ series a prior week’s uncover garnered. Those are trashy numbers that would positively lead one to design WWE to respond with an all-hands-on-deck approach.

The fact that ratings are tanking and WWE is still vouchsafing a former universe champ and top-tier star lay on a dais is a pointer of only how wavering a association is right now.

Credit: WWE.com

The association has not laid out a calendar for his return. It has only kept Bryan on an constant hiatus. Officials have to recoil during a suspicion of his concussion story heading to a bad damage during a time when plaintiffs are bustling claiming that pro wrestling left them damaged.

The delay is set to finish one approach or a other, though.

In his talk with Sullivan, Bryan explained where a conditions stands today. He said, “So now, we have dual doctors: one observant no, one observant yes. They’re going to send me to a third alloy during some indicate in a nearby destiny and that alloy will confirm my fate.”

If WWE does not transparent him, he told IGN that he would cruise returning to a eccentric circuit and roving to Mexico.

It’s inconceivable that WWE would concede a wrestler with a kind of throng tie that Bryan has to only travel away, yet that’s looking like a genuine possibility. It’s not his value as a wrestler or his skills that would lead to that choice yet rather a authorised firestorm.

In a way, one can’t censure WWE for frozen adult here. This is a multimillion-dollar craving during interest here. 

And so Bryan has turn a explanation that WWE can reason adult to uncover that it does indeed caring about concussions and won’t put wrestlers during unneeded risk. He’s a guaranty in a diversion of authorised chess, forced to mount on a same square, uncertain when his subsequent pierce is coming.

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