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January 5, 2015 - WWE

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Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give a lowdown on all going on in a wrestling world. Global Force Wrestling owner Jeff Jarrett also assimilated a uncover to offer his inside viewpoint on a business.

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Daniel Bryan Announces Entry into Royal Rumble

There has been a good understanding of doubt surrounding Daniel Bryan’s standing over a past several months, as he has been nursing a neck injury and successive nerve issues.

That led to some conjecture that a former WWE World Heavyweight champion might never lapse to a ring, nonetheless Bryan put an finish to those thoughts on Raw and announced his entrance into a 2015 Royal Rumble match.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Will Bryan Win a Rumble?

Though Bryan’s lapse comes as a warn to some, there is no doubt that it is welcomed by most.

Bryan was nude of a universe pretension in Jun after it was dynamic that he would not be means to urge it, and he hasn’t wrestled a compare given May. The product has been rather muted since, and it is no fluke a peculiarity has forsaken with Bryan on a shelf.

The lapse debate given by a personality of a “Yes!” Movement was perfect, given he had many desiring that he was about to retire. Bryan incited it around, though, and he emotionally announced that he was prepared to fight. The throng went positively wild, and there is no doubt those examination during home were equally excited.

WWE is simply improved when Bryan is in a fold, and his lapse means there is now one some-more legitimate contender to win a Royal Rumble match.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

Before Bryan’s lapse announcement, Roman Reigns was deliberate a complicated favorite to win a Rumble. It is transparent Reigns is being neat to turn a tip star in a nearby future, and a WWE views him as someone who has a “it factor.”

A Reigns vs. Lesnar argument could be solid, nonetheless many would substantially determine that Bryan vs. Lesnar is a many improved story.

Bryan is a ultimate underdog, that is because his highway to WrestleMania XXX worked so well. He kick Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton in one night to turn WWE World Heavyweight champion. The fact Bryan has been out for so prolonged could be a blessing in disguise, given a identical angle would feel fresh.

In a final year, Lesnar has finished a Undertaker’s strain and decisively kick John Cena, that has finished him demeanour like an unstoppable force. Bryan vs. Lesnar would be a homogeneous to David vs. Goliath, and WWE would be violent to pass it up.

The fans desperately wish Bryan to categorical eventuality WrestleMania, and WWE will make it occur for a second uninterrupted year.


Rumor Mill

Backstage news on probable WrestleMania artistic changes (F4WOnline around WrestlingInc.com)


The Authority Returns to Power

It has been usually over a month given a Authority was suspended from energy during Survivor Series, and it didn’t take prolonged for a organisation to return. Seth Rollins forced John Cena’s palm on Raw by melancholy to harm Edge, that led to Cena permitting a Authority to return, given he was a usually one with a energy to make that happen.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: Was This Angle Rushed?

While it isn’t startling Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have returned to energy in general, a fact it has happened so fast is.

WWE finished a outrageous understanding out of Team Cena’s win during Survivor Series, when Dolph Ziggler outlasted everybody with a small assistance from Sting, nonetheless all of that has radically been rendered indecisive a matter of weeks later.

In retrospect, it seems as nonetheless a Authority angle during Survivor Series was pushed in sequence to beget hum for that specific pay-per-view rather than to build toward a long-term plan. That isn’t accurately unheard of in wrestling, nonetheless it becomes heavy when deliberation a fact WWE used a entrance of Sting on a conditions that no longer matters.

Perhaps it can be salvaged, nonetheless it clearly minimizes Sting’s impact during this point.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

If a devise is to have Triple H face Sting during WrestleMania XXXI, afterwards this could potentially set a theatre for Sting’s contingent return.

He would apparently be dissapoint to see a Authority behind in energy from a storyline perspective, so that would make sense. No matter what happens with Sting from this indicate forward, though, his entrance will always be remembered as something that wasn’t as impactful as it should have been.

Perhaps an even bigger problem with a Authority’s lapse is a palliate with that Cena gave in. Cena has been billed as someone who never gives adult for many years, nonetheless it didn’t take many for him to let a Authority come back. Cena jumped in a ring and prevented Rollins from Curb Stomping Edge after he gave a Authority a energy back, and there was zero interlude him from doing a same before that.

Even nonetheless a Authority was brought behind in a muted approach and distant earlier than it should have been, it is substantially a best thing for a product. Having clever heel management total in place will be a certain for WrestleMania season, given Triple H and Stephanie will be means to conflict some of a tip faces.

The highway to get to this indicate wasn’t quite good, nonetheless a finish might eventually clear a means.


Rumor Mill

Backstage news on WWE’s morale (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via WrestlingInc.com)


RRR Interview with GFW’s Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett has literally finished it all in a wrestling business, and he is once again creation waves as a owner of Global Force Wrestling.

Jarrett and GFW are co-promoting Sunday’s Wrestle Kingdom 9 pay-per-view with New Japan Pro Wrestling, so he assimilated Ring Rust Radio to plead that sparkling eventuality as good as a destiny of Global Force Wrestling.


Question on Everybody’s Mind: What’s Next for Jarrett?

Although there is still some grade of ambiguity in propinquity to what GFW will eventually be, there is no doubt that Jarrett has finished an glorious pursuit in terms of attaching his code to a big-time event. Wrestle Kingdom 9 will be watched by wrestling fans opposite a globe, and Jarrett is good wakeful of that.

I would have to contend that this is a can’t-miss event, and that’s unequivocally holding on a lot of ground. It’s tough to contend in this day and age with so many events and so many pay-per-views.

We have all a stars aligning: It’s in a Tokyo Dome, over 50,000 fans, Jim Ross is going to be job it, a New Japan graduation is red hot, a Bullet Club is a hottest coterie and a further of a Flips app [means] it has turn a many widely distributed live pay-per-view wrestling eventuality in a story of a business. And that unequivocally says something there.

With Jarrett competing on a label as a member of a Bullet Club and a Global Force Wrestling code carrying a outrageous palm in it, GFW will already have a clever bottom in terms of name approval and support when it does eventually launch.


Ring Rust Radio’s Take

As for GFW’s contingent launch, Jarrett skeleton for that to collect adult steam in 2015. He did not announce an accurate date or timeline for when a graduation will truly get going, nonetheless he seems to have an innovative mindset per how it will be presented.

In 2015, a roll-out will continue. we can tell we one weekly uncover will not get it finished in this day and age. The code recognition needs a consistent hold indicate with your fanbase. If not on a daily basis, afterwards an hourly basis.

With a roll-out that we are doing with Wrestle Kingdom 9, a videos heading adult to Jan. 4 are going to get many some-more compare specific articulate about a accurate matchups. We unequivocally focused on presenting this product in a new manner. we trust it’s going to be many some-more than a weekly show.

The digital age has consumed with party going online like a WWE Network and New Japan World. But it’s not usually wrestling, Major League Baseball has such a clever online participation and other forms of entertainment.

Jarrett apparently intends to move GFW to wrestling fans opposite mixed platforms in a crowd of ways, that is something that should boost a odds of success.

There is no doubt Jarrett has an implausible mind for a business, and that was proven when he finished TNA a success during his time during a helm. Global Force Wrestling seems to be something totally different, nonetheless Jarrett’s faith in a graduation should enthuse certainty in those who wish it to thrive.


Ring Rust Radio’s Season 7 Fantasy WWE Standings

1. Brandon Galvin: 120

2. Mike Chiari: 110

3. Joe Arcidiacono: 60

4. Donald Wood: 20


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