Daniel Bryan Remaining on Sidelines a Result of WWE Being Overprotective

August 6, 2015 - WWE

A soldier during a ready, a wrestler available a feel of a board underneath his boots, Daniel Bryan finds himself crashing into a besiege that is WWE‘s hesitancy. 

Bryan’s concussion story and prolonged medical record are partly to censure for him not being in movement right now, yet so are a lawsuits WWE is traffic with, as is a company’s enterprise for good open relations. SummerSlam is yet a vital star, not given he’s not means to compete, yet given WWE is shy about what competence happen.

In May, Bryan walked divided from a ring following an emotional yet deceptive address, withdrawal a Intercontinental Championship on a pad behind him.

Fast-forward over dual months, and he still hasn’t returned. An undisclosed repairs incited out to be a concussion, yet Bryan says that he’s entirely healed.

He told Maggie Gray of Sports Illustrated that a alloy privileged him:

In an talk on Busted Open (h/t Wrestling Inc), Bryan serve explained, saying, “I am privileged by a neurologist in Phoenix that I’ve been going to see. It’s not like he’s a impostor doctor. He was a neurologist for a Super Bowl who has no problems in clearing me with no limitations.”

Then what’s a problem? Why isn’t Bryan rambling his foes’ limbs behind or kicking them in a chest?

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson has listened that WWE is being heedful with how it handles a former universe champ. He writes, “As it has been explained to me, WWE has been endangered about how mostly Bryan has gotten harmed in such brief durations of time and is intensely discreet about clearing him to return.”

Credit: WWE.com

Being discreet in a box of concussions is smart. It’s good to see that WWE has left from scripting chair shots to a conduct to being some-more protecting of a talent’s gray matter. But they are overdoing it with Bryan.

Run a tests, go by a protocol, and possibly cut him or let him compete. 

Corey Graves got to a indicate with his concussions that WWE changed him to an announcer’s role. Is Bryan unequivocally during that point? He’s positively had some-more than his share of conduct injuries from his pre-WWE days, yet they haven’t been occurring so tighten together that one needs to put him in a same difficulty as Graves.

Bryan hasn’t wrestled given mid-April. That means he’s been on a shelf for over a month longer than Dolph Ziggler was when he suffered a quite nasty concussion in 2013. His concussion was so critical that it influenced his memory, withdrawal him in a daze.

Ziggler told WWE.com, “I didn’t know what day it was; we didn’t know what month it was. I’ve had a integrate of concussions before and only had a headache. I’ve never not remembered whole days, like someone in a movie.”

Still, he was behind in about a month, behind to a grind. Ziggler did go on to suffer another concussion in 2014, yet WWE simply went by a suitable stairs again, waited for The Showoff to reanimate and afterwards put him behind to work.

A opposite landscape surrounds Bryan now, though. WWE is fending off plaintiffs claiming that operative for a association put them in danger, generally when it comes to conduct injuries.

In April, TMZ reported, “Three wrestlers have sued a WWE on interest of all stream and former wrestlers who have suffered critical mind and other repairs as a outcome of ‘egregious mistreatment’ by a organization.” 

That served as a pile-on. WWE was already traffic with another case. Early this year, Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton (who wrestled as Adam Mercer) filed a identical lawsuit, per CNBC.

These cases have a WWE on corner so most that it has reportedly asked Seth Rollins to keep his Curb Stomp finisher on ice. According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), a pierce is pronounced to be “on hold” while a lawsuits are ongoing.

The finisher is not any some-more dangerous than some of a high-impact moves wrestlers perform each day. It’s only that it looks dangerous. Rollins’ doesn’t unequivocally expostulate anyone’s conduct into a mat, only as Undertaker doesn’t cavalcade his opponent’s conduct into a pad with a Tombstone Piledriver, yet that would be tough to explain to a jury or a decider who is not informed with a details and outs of wrestling.

And so only as a WWE is biding a time with a Curb Stomp, perplexing not to make it demeanour like it is formulating an vulnerable work environment, Bryan is being asked to take a prolonged chair on a bench.

Perhaps there’s a fear that if Bryan gets another concussion right as plaintiffs are arguing that operative for WWE leads to concussions, there will be authorised ramifications.

If WWE‘s concussion custom is sound, however, and if it is holding reasonable precautions, there’s no reason to not concede Bryan behind into a ring. He’s during risk of a conduct injury, sure, yet so is Ziggler and each chairman who stairs between those ropes.

The association can’t leave Bryan in dilapidation until a slow-going authorised routine takes a course. 

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