Daniel Bryan Says He’s Working With WWE On "Compromise" For His In-Ring Career

December 12, 2015 - WWE

daniel-bryan-0.pngWWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently spoke with The Straits Times while on a promotional debate in Singapore.

Bryan talked about a WWE product changing, his damage status, since a Brock Lesnar compare would interest to him, and more. You can review a few excerpts below: 

Daniel Bryan on resuming his career: 

“Because of my story with concussions, a WWE medical alloy wouldn’t transparent me. We’re in a routine of perplexing to figure out some compromise.

They keep promulgation me to do some-more tests, mind MRIs, mind EGs and all my tests have come behind good to a indicate where my mind is improved than someone my age with no concussion.”

Bryan on fans being some-more outspoken about a WWE product:

“You have to develop with a approach a competition is evolving. So if a fans are voicing some-more of their exasperation with certain things, afterwards we need to take that into comment to make it engaging since we have to greatfully your fan base. At a finish of a day, when they’ve spent their money, they need to know they’ve gotten what they wanted.”

How he views his career success: 

“I’ve worked harder than a lot of people though a lot of people who’ve worked harder than me haven’t had a success that I’ve had. At a finish of a day, I’ll only boil it down to fitness and being during a right place during a right time.”

The interest of a probable compare with Brock Lesnar:

“I consider it’ll be a unequivocally engaging match-up in terms of styles. It’s a ultimate David and Goliath match. That’ll be unequivocally fun.”

source ⦿ http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/651483-daniel-bryan-says-hes-working-with-wwe-on-compromise-for-his-in-ring-career

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