Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle: Which WWE Authority Figure Is Making Bigger Impact?

August 24, 2017 - WWE

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Kurt Angle reigns on Mondays, Daniel Bryan runs a uncover on Tuesday nights, and both WWE Raw and SmackDown are improved off for it.

Angle is an ever-present ubiquitous manager who controls a disharmony of a red brand. Bryan can sequence firmly, too, though his strength has been his silliness.

Which of these WWE management total is many improving their particular shows? Which GM is creation a bigger impact?

The answer lies in how any male has been used in Raw and SmackDown’s stories. Both Angle and Bryan have worked to say sequence when things grow messy. Both have been a using army for rivalries.

The following is a demeanour during where Bryan or Angle win out in terms of conversion a shows they are in assign of.         

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The Case for Bryan

Bryan has combined both a comic and thespian dimension to SmackDown.

When a conditions calls it for it, he can be convincingly unrelenting and angry. When he fired AJ Styles, for example, he bolstered a story of Styles and Shane McMahon’s adversary with a moving moment. 

But he’s also been one of a things about a uncover that many brings a grin to one’s face. His interactions with The Usos, as he endearingly tries to come off as cool, have been hilarious.

His glamour is a plus for a show, a trait we see reduction of now that Talking Smack is no longer frequently on a air.

He’s one of a many plausible and noted characters SmackDown has. He’s nonsensical and passionate. He’s partial management figure, partial friend. 

AV Club author Kyle Fowle is among those enjoying what Bryan brings to a table:

There is mostly a clever proof to Bryan’s managerial decisions, too. This isn’t The Authority personification favorites and stumbling over tract holes. He’s out to make SmackDown a usually environment.

And that has regularly led to him being a pivotal partial of SmackDown’s stories whether he has pitted Shinsuke Nakamura against The Singh Brothers to give a babyface a magnitude of punish or suspended James Ellsworth for his partial in in a Money in a Bank fiasco.

Bryan has frequently been a account device, a means to pierce a adversary along.


The Case for Angle

Angle’s comedic moments as GM haven’t been as abundant as Bryan’s, though he’s a some-more active, solid participation on his uncover than a male using SmackDown.

WWE has done full use of Angle’s recognition by carrying him seem early and mostly on any Raw. He mostly gives a opening monologue. He’s scarcely always a step or dual divided from any backstage fight.

And WWE has also done Angle a concentration of a storyline involving Jason Jordan.

After weeks of privacy and suspense, a GM suggested that Jordan was his long-lost son. That done Angle a means to mortar a rising star. Jordan is now a kayfabe second-generation wrestler, and he has nepotism on his side when it comes to removing requisitioned on Raw any week.

Angle combined emotional weight to Roman Reigns’ attack on Braun Strowman during Great Balls of Fire interjection to his dumbfounded response. Ahead of several large matches, it’s been Angle who has sensitive a assembly of who will be fighting whom.

The Olympian also doesn’t have to share a theatre with his brand’s commissioner. Stephanie McMahon hasn’t seemed on TV given WrestleMania. Shane, on a other hand, has been heavily concerned on SmackDown.

So while Bryan and Shane-O-Mac lift a management figure bucket together, Angle is using a uncover on his possess on screen.



Bryan has been a some-more interesting GM; Angle has done a many impact.

Raw has used him to not usually allege stories, though be a core of them. Angle’s soap uncover story combined a acquire atmosphere of poser to Raw any week. He’s been front and core for a Strowman vs. Reigns rivalry, a matter for The Golden Truth’s office of a tab group titles and a unchanging participation subsequent to a series of Superstars.

And a formula have been excellent.  

The New Age Insiders podcast went as distant as to broadcast Angle WWE’s tip GM in years:

WWE done a intelligent choice in casting Angle for this role. The association mostly relies too heavily on a account crutch of a management figure, though Angle’s GM reign as a been a acquire surprise.

Bryan might make a hearts impassivity with his clueless Dad act, though Angle is doing some-more to put his impress on a uncover he runs. 

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