DDP On What Feud Could Bring Him Back To WWE, Sting Getting Injured, Seth …

September 26, 2015 - WWE

As seen above, Bill Apter of 1wrestling.com recently spoke with Diamond Dallas Page to foster a new “Resurrection of Jake Roberts” documentary and more. Below are some highlights:

* Apter asked about Sting’s damage and compare during WWE Night of Champions and Page pronounced he thinks it’s good Sting got to come to WWE and he’s happy he got a compare with Seth Rollins. DDP talked about how everybody wanted to have a large run in WWE though Sting wouldn’t go until it was PG and he’s a genuine understanding Christian. Regarding Rollins, DDP praised him observant he’s stepping into a “Shawn Michaels realm.” DDP isn’t astounded Sting got harmed since they leave a small square of their physique in a ring any time

* DDP mentions he would have to severely cruise returning if WWE offering him an angle with Randy Orton for a RKO vs. Diamond Cutter gimmick. He figured a final Cutter he would give in a Royal Rumble lapse would have been to Orton though he’s blissful it didn’t occur since Orton is a Legend Killer and DDP still has that over him. DDP pronounced he would have desired to argument with Orton 5 or 10 years ago

* Apter asks about Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. DDP says he always points out he was only their guide. He says Jake and Dusty Rhodes were his guides in a past though conjunction could do a work for him, he had to put a work in and challenge a odds. He says a tour they went on started with only wanting to assistance Jake get his life on lane so he could travel divided from a business with his conduct hold high, since of what Jake had finished for him in a past. He remarkable that Jake has done 11 rehab visits and Scott has 12

* DDP says directors who have seen a Jake documentary and helped them make edits trust it’s Oscar estimable and tip directors have told him it could win an Oscar since it’s so genuine and powerful. They speak about how Steve Austin won’t validate anything unless he unequivocally believes in it and he cried when he saw a movie. DDP says Austin was “blown away” after observant a strange cut. DDP says they are many vehement that a film has competent for a Oscars. He’s not observant they really will be nominated though that was his idea going in

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