Dead Wrestler Eddie ‘Hot Stuff’ Gilbert — Dad Sues WWE … Pay Up If You’re …

April 19, 2015 - WWE

Eddie Hot Stuff Gilbert Family Sues WWEThe WWE is cashing in on Eddie “Hot Stuff” Gilbert even yet he’s been passed for 20 years … during slightest according to his family, that is boring a joining to justice to get a cut of a action.

According to docs … Eddie’s dad, Tommy Gilbert, is in assign of a estate and says a WWE is plastering his son’s picture and correspondence all over TV and other media platforms but accede — and, some-more importantly, but profitable them a dime.

Tommy says aged wrestling footage of Eddie — a pro from ’79 until his genocide of a heart conflict in ’95 — is being used to foster a WWE. 

Interestingly, Eddie’s fam isn’t suing to retard use of a footage — they only wish a decider to force a WWE to flare over a share of a profits, and damages.

The WWE believes it has full clearance. A repute tells TMZ … a org has purchased authorised rights to use aged footage from other wrestling groups — such as ECW and WCW — and as a outcome … it expects this lawsuit to be dismissed. 

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