Dean Ambrose Must Not Take a Fall during WWE Payback 2015

May 15, 2015 - WWE

Dean Ambrose will get his initial shot during a WWE universe heavyweight pretension during Payback 2015 on May 17. He will combat in a Fatal 4-Way compare opposite Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and champion Seth Rollins.

It should be a good encounter, as all 3 members of The Shield will face off opposite any other during a marquee event. Adding Orton will infer to be a outrageous bonus for Payback’s categorical event.

Despite a high-profile match, there’s a clever possibility Ambrose could take a detriment during a categorical event. For his sake, this can't happen.

The Lunatic Fringe warranted his eventuality by defeating Rollins on a May 4 Raw. Rollins was usually scheduled to face Orton and Reigns in a Triple Threat compare selected by a fans. Kane, Director of Operations, had other plans.

He set adult a bout, to Rollins’ dismay. Ambrose rolled adult Rollins for a three-count, and as a effect he’ll get his initial WWE pretension shot during Sunday night’s categorical event.

It’s a outrageous step for Ambrose’s career.

He’s already been in a categorical eventuality before. Ambrose and Rollins headlined final October’s Hell In A Cell event, as both group fought in a barbarous structure. Ambrose also categorical evented final December’s Tables, Ladders Chairs with Bray Wyatt. They used all 3 of those weapons to inflict some-more pain on any other.

Ambrose mislaid both of those matches though didn’t remove momentum. The matches were chaotic, as predicted. The fans still upheld him adult to this point.

In fact, Ambrose finally finished a losing strain during April’s Extreme Rules, defeating Luke Harper in a Street Fight to lapse to winning ways. Losing during Payback would be a misfortune time to stop his momentum.

Granted, Ambrose should not win a pretension yet. It’s not his time. However, he has a many to remove by being pinned or submitted in this marquee bout.

Ambrose has been a categorical eventuality by himself twice in his career, and once as a member of The Shield. He has really small only knowledge on a large theatre compared to his opponents.

Rollins solemnly worked his approach into categorical eventuality bearing and high-pressure situations given his separate from The Shield. He’s warranted his mark representing a WWE as a champion.

Reigns only sealed out WrestleMania 31 opposite Brock Lesnar (Rollins interrupted a match, cashed in his Money in a Bank briefcase and pinned Reigns). Plus, Reigns is still WWE’s future. He’ll get his possibility shortly enough, though he shouldn’t be a tumble guy.

This leaves us with Randy Orton, a many tenured of a four. Orton is already a 12-time universe champion and a proven categorical eventer. Orton can take a strike and wouldn’t be influenced by a loss.

Dean Ambrose will many positively be a fan favorite come May 17. Fans go furious for a irritable WWE Superstar whenever he appears in a ring. Losing during Payback would defect a fans and could means them to remove faith in The Lunatic Fringe.

This can’t occur for a association that needs to make new stars for a future.

Come this Sunday, Ambrose doesn’t have to win. But deliberation a stakes, Ambrose can't be a one pinned or submitted in a match.

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