Dean Ambrose, WWE Hell in a Cell, Rusev and More from a Cab Fare Mailbag

September 26, 2014 - WWE

The WWE mailbag has returned, and apparently so has Dean Ambrose. He seemed to have grown in recognition during his absence, and if WWE‘s hottest Shield alum isn’t in WrestleMania categorical eventuality plans, he should strictly be placed on hijack watch.

It’s some-more of a shot in a arm for a Internet than it is for WWE creative. Right now, Ambrose to a Internet wrestling village is like Daniel Bryan in an El Generico mask. He stiffed a cab cab driver—one of a many heelish real-life moves in a book—and was still cheered. They usually adore him.

And even nonetheless Ambrose was off radio for a month, he never unequivocally left WWE storylines. Ambrose’s time divided was finished by settlement so he could go fire a film (from Marc Graser of Variety), and WWE finished certain to keep his name concerned in ongoing storylines.

There positively is a tangible electricity he brings by being present, however, and we feel like a some-more Ambrose gets over, a some-more people will caring about Seth Rollins.

Ambrose and Rollins should be approaching to contest in a arriving Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in WWE‘s barbarous enclosure match. Hell in a Cell unequivocally hasn’t had any noted moments directly involving a structure given a conflict of a PG era.

In fact, a best Hell in a Cell compare in a PG epoch was when Undertaker took on Triple H during WrestleMania XXVIII, and all of those high spots could have been finished in a customary singles compare with a same effect.

Somehow, someway, Ambrose and Rollins can move behind a noted Hell in a Cell spot. There’s a healthy assault to a approach Ambrose brawls, and it serves as a element to Rollins’ some-more polished, jaunty nonetheless still aroused offense. Both have already worked to emanate a peculiarity Lumberjack match, that is a attainment many felt was impossible.

If we get Ambrose vs. Rollins during Hell in a Cell, for a initial time in new memory, a noted mark in this compare will engage a cage.

Thanks for a kind words, though speak about early predictions! we can make an prepared theory during a tip matches during Hell in a Cell. In all likelihood, there will be dual Hell in a Cell matches: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar and Ambrose vs. Rollins.

The Bellas are teasing a compare with a rights to a Bella name during stake. That will expected occur during a arriving pay-per-view as well. Nikki should be adored in this match, though given WWE‘s new settlement of even booking, design Brie to win her name behind a following night on Raw. She’ll be behind to Brie Bryan by that Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings.

This was substantially ostensible to be a pay-per-view where we got Triple H vs. Roman Reigns, though Reigns’ new injuries will during slightest put that compare on hold. Suddenly, a Randy Orton babyface spin seems some-more than necessary.

This might be a shot in a dark, though we can really see a babyface Orton holding on Triple H during Hell in a Cell for a right to accept his long-awaited WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. This would lead to a compare between Lesnar and Orton, that is a usually Survivor Series prophecy we have during a moment.

Outside of Cena competing for a United States Championship, Rusev would be a best thing to occur to a United States Championship given Diamond Dallas Page.

Fans are on house with Rusev and Lana’s anti-American gimmick, though Rusev can usually measure so many non-title wins before he hits a wall as a performer.

As incomprehensible as a pretension is during a moment, Rusev winning a United States Championship would be like holding a rejected fondle from a child. Sure, a child wasn’t personification with it, though a second he sees it taken away, he throws a fit, and a fondle somehow gains value.

Rusev carrying a United States Championship would positively supplement value to a delegate title, and there’s even an opening to retire a championship by carrying Rusev (storyline) benefaction it to an off-camera Vladimir Putin.

You’re revelation me that wouldn’t get heat? It’s a tiny scapegoat to make for one of WWE‘s biggest rising stars.

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