Did Bill Simmons Make A Fool Of Himself On WWE Raw?

March 24, 2015 - WWE

Bill Simmons assimilated Snoop Dogg as a special guest on tonight’s WWE Raw, and if that sounds like a dumbest thing in a universe to you, you’d be right. Simmons didn’t even take a bump, that is some diseased bullshit. Even worse, it appears Simmons might have damaged kayfabe by interrogation about a of-late deficiency of “the rabbit,” by that he meant Adam Rose’s Bunny valet—which has really sensitively been forsaken from WWE storylines. (Insiders contend a wrestler who wore a fit got fired, yet because a WWE would embankment one of a many “over” characters is a mystery.)

Anyway, it was an unwelcome penetration into a banter, as we can tell from a video above. (Or it was meant to seem as such; who knows? The workings of kayfabe are mysterious.) Simmons has done missteps before perplexing to seem as a “smart” though it’s not transparent if he’s personification dumb, perplexing to be provocative, or is literally dumb. We wanting many of Simmons’s appearance, in any event; many of it amounted to him behaving an extended announcement for WWE Network.


source ⦿ http://screengrabber.deadspin.com/did-bill-simmons-make-a-fool-of-himself-on-wwe-raw-1693247388

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