Did a Roman Reigns examination die during WWE Battleground?

July 25, 2016 - WWE

After some-more than dual years, it looks like a WWE might have finally given adult on a Roman Reigns experiment.

What’s a Roman Reigns experiment, we ask? It’s WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon’s devise to make Reigns a subsequent large thing. If it worked, he’d be as good famous as a likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, John Cena and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

But it hasn’t been working. Since Jan 2015, a association has positioned Reigns as a heading man. He roughly never loses. He dominates scarcely everyone. On TV, he’s overcome each barrier any knave can chuck during him. Despite all this, fans have deserted him. They disapprove him in arenas around a universe — to a indicate where a WWE has pale throng sound and even edited anti-Reigns signs in a throng in post-event coverage.


On Sunday night during Battleground, a pay-per-view eventuality promote on a WWE Network (the pro wrestling world’s Netflix), Reigns was concerned in a three-way compare for a WWE Championship. He faced Seth Rollins and stream champion Dean Ambrose. If this compare took place a year ago, Reigns would have roughly positively walked divided champion. But not usually did he not win, he was pinned purify (without any uncanny shenanigans) by Ambrose, a loser of a trio.

Why a change of heart by WWE? Did a association finally acknowledge that, notwithstanding a best efforts, Reigns wasn’t winning over a crowd? Not quite. Late in June, it was announced that Reigns had disregarded a WWE’s wellness policy, contrast certain for a taboo drug. He was dangling for 30 days — after losing a Championship to Rollins during a Money in a Bank eventuality in Jul — with Battleground being his televised lapse to action.

“I suspicion it was really revelation that Roman Reigns [took a pin],” pronounced reputable pro-wrestling publisher Dave Meltzer on Monday’s Wrestling Observer Radio. “Very clearly, if this was 35 days ago, not a possibility that one happens a approach it did.

“I know [the association was] unhappy in him, though a thought of, ‘Would they change a instruction they’ve been pulling for dual years’, it looks like they will. Because a aged Roman Reigns, there’s no approach they’re violence him purify dual true pay-per-views.”

So, what now?

As we might be aware, a WWE final week hosted a draft, radically attack a reset symbol on all a storylines. The association has dual shows, Raw and SmackDown, with performers being drafted to exclusively perform on one show. Roman Reigns will conduct to Raw, while WWE Champion Dean Ambrose is on SmackDown.

In many ways, Ambrose is a anti-Reigns. He’s been treated good by a company, though never positioned as a heading man. Unlike Reigns, he’s suffered many waste and mostly fails to get a final laugh. Despite this, fans have embraced him. When Reigns won a WWE Championship during WrestleMania in April, he was met with a mixed-at-best response. But when Ambrose won a pretension final month, fans greeted him with a intone of, “You merit it!.”


Unfortunately for him, Ambrose isn’t built like a bodybuilder, something radically all of a WWE’s “top guys” — Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena — have been. So he’s got that opposite him.

Wrestling fans by now also should know that a top brass, quite Vince McMahon, have a robe of changing their minds. That means a Roman Reigns examination might be picked adult again.

“Saying all that, they might go and put a pretension on [Reigns] tomorrow for all we know. Everything can change on Raw,” Meltzer pronounced on Monday.

But after dual years of Roman Reigns being a successor apparent, a destiny of a WWE is in doubt after Battleground — and that’s a good feeling.

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