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June 10, 2018 - WWE


    Dana Brooke’s stream gimmick is a statistician of Titus Worldwide, and if we run a numbers, that isn’t going to volume to anything.

    In NXT, Brooke was someone with a good look, considerable athleticism and a intensity to go somewhere once she schooled her approach around a mat, yet that was 3 years ago.

    Since then, scarcely all of her attributes have possibly seen small to no alleviation or have regressed, that isn’t a good sign.

    If we review between a lines, we can see how small WWE cares about Brooke by how she’s eternally left out of a mix.

    For instance, even yet a WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal was guaranteed to underline all of a women on Raw and SmackDown Live who weren’t harmed or differently booked, her name wasn’t announced for it until dual days before to a event.

    It’s even some-more mild meaningful that a proclamation came from Cathy Kelley’s WWE Now show, as if a association forgot about her until a final minute.

    When WWE remembers to do something with her, she’s possibly station subsequent to Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews not amounting to most or she’s dropping that act, putting on her ring rigging and losing.

    Sadly, there seems to be no viable destiny for Brooke in WWE, so she would be improved off dedicating herself to her aptness career and removing behind into that rather than perplexing to spin around her wrestling career.

    She’s still young, and it’s improved to quit now and start a subsequent section of her life than to arise adult in 2020 and be in, during best, a same position she’s now in.

    Like everybody else on this list, she’s done fans for life who will follow her in whatever destiny endeavors she pursues, yet she shouldn’t worry carrying a purpose in WWE most longer.


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