Dolph Ziggler Has Lost All Momentum Heading into WWE WrestleMania 2015

February 28, 2015 - WWE

Former universe champion Dolph Ziggler was one of a hottest stars in a WWE during a tail finish of 2014, though a association has forsaken a round with a Superstar and mislaid all of his movement streamer into WrestleMania 31.

Even some-more so than Daniel Bryan, Ziggler is a mislaid star on a highway to WrestleMania.

To know a arise and tumble of Ziggler, we have to go behind 6 months. With both Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns injured, “The Showoff” stepped adult outrageous and was one of a biggest draws alongside Dean Ambrose. Ziggler would reason a Intercontinental Championship as well, though he forsaken a belt in a overwhelming pierce before Survivor Series.

At a Nov pay-per-view, it was Ziggler who got a pinfall feat with a small assistance from Sting to put The Authority out of power. WWE took a time to make Ziggler demeanour implausible during that compare by carrying him softened 3 group to take a victory.

The depart of The Authority resulted in Ziggler teaming adult with John Cena, Ryback and Erick Rowan to take on what remained of The Authority, though it was a show-stealing Ladder compare for a IC pretension opposite Luke Harper during TLC that showed his value to a company.

At that moment, Ziggler was a biggest star in WWE, though all was about to change.

While Ziggler was a hottest name in a competition to tighten 2014, large things were function around him. Not usually was The Authority brought behind to energy only dual months after being removed, though Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan returned to movement within a few weeks of any other.

With a concentration changeable to everybody else, Ziggler’s slip began immediately when he mislaid a Intercontinental Championship to Bad News Barrett and was subsequently dismissed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, stealing him from radio for weeks and stunting his momentum.

Since a start of 2015, Ziggler is 6-6 in televised matches (h/t and has mislaid purify distant too often. Add in a fact that several of his wins came around suspension or count-out, and his record is even reduction considerable for one of a tip stars in a company.

While Ziggler should be entering a biggest uncover of a year with a marquee storyline and tons of momentum, he has been thrown into a incomprehensible Intercontinental Championship argument and has no distinct module with anyone.

Even Bryan wanted softened for Ziggler during WrestleMania:

Ziggler is being wasted. He is one of a best in-ring workers in a association and he has softened by leaps and end on a mic. There is also no denying a genuine throng reactions whenever “The Showoff” struts his approach down to a ring.

Instead of capitalizing on a movement Ziggler had combined to tighten 2014, WWE has handed a round to other Superstars and expel a Survivor Series favourite aside once again.

At 34 years old, Ziggler’s window of event to be a viable universe championship contender is closing, and a WWE is doing zero to assistance him strech a tip of a mountain.


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