Donald Trump behind in a WWE? Don’t count on it

December 16, 2016 - WWE

Donald Trump has been holding on opposition CEOs prolonged before his rough choosing run.

In 2007, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) staged a storyline between now President-elect Donald Trump and Chairman Vince McMahon.

At Wrestlemania 23, WWE luminary Bobby Lashley sided with Trump and degraded Umaga, who was in McMahon’s corner. The crook had to have their conduct shaved off, ensuing in McMahon going bald.

Fast brazen 9 years Trump is still related to a WWE. Last week, Trump picked WWE co-founder Linda McMahon to lead a Small Business Administration.

Could this pave a approach for turn dual of Trump contra McMahon in a supposed “Battle of a Billionaires”? Paul Levesque, improved famous by his ring name Triple H, didn’t prosaic out deny, though didn’t give most in a approach of acknowledgment either.

“Wouldn’t that be something, see who gets their conduct shaved,” Triple H told CNBC in a TV talk when asked if Trump would lapse to a WWE for a compare opposite McMahon.

The 14-time WWE champion did however contend that he is unapproachable of Linda McMahon being selected by Trump and pronounced that like other companies, a wrestling authorization is watchful to see what a new administration means for a business.

“We’ll be watchful with a rest of a universe to see what a Trump presidency means for everybody … We’re respected as a family that Linda has been asked to be in that position … we consider she’ll do a unusual job. People forget that WWE started out as a tiny small association in a north easterly of a U.S. and has grown to a tellurian brand, she knows a tiny something about tiny business creation,” Triple H said.

“We’ve finished a lot with Donald Trump over a years. He’s been a good believer of WWE he’s been a good crony to us. We’ve had events during his building, he’s been a member during Wrestlemania … it’s good to see him have a success he is having.”

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