Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says his WWE beef with John Cena was real

September 16, 2014 - WWE

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays Hercules in “Hercules.” (Kerry Brown/Paramount Pictures)

Whenever something happens in a WWE, it’s protected to assume it’s not real. That’s because, as everybody above a age of 12 knows, pro wrestling is sports party — it’s scripted. However, only since it’s a many action-packed soap show on television, doesn’t indispensably meant genuine emotions don’t get concerned between a athletes who perform a masses.

According to a new talk in Muscle And Fitness magazine, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson really, truly, 100 percent in genuine life was beefing with John Cena in a run-ups to WrestleMania 28 and 29, a same year he was show-beefing with him in a ring.

“John had pronounced some things in an talk that we took difference to,” The Rock pronounced in a interview. “He felt they were okay, we felt that they weren’t okay.”

Essentially, Cena had called out The Rock — many expected in kayfabe, a attention tenure definition gripping in impression outward of a ring — for abandoning a WWE to turn a Hollywood actor instead.

Of course, Dwayne Johnson, being the, um, Hollywood actor who spasmodic earnings to a WWE to play The Rock, used that real-life passion to serve his in-ring argument with Cena. In Hollywood, it’s called process acting.

“It got unequivocally worried for a lot of people. And it gets worried for a fans — that they clarity something. But afterwards when it gets worried for a wrestlers and to a executives and a company, afterwards it’s something special,” Johnson/The Rock/the Marlon Brando of a squared round said.

The Rock even certified a duo’s real-life adversary got so heated that they roughly intent in sparring backstage, that he pronounced finished adult fueling an doubtful bond between a dual former frenemies.

“[T]hrough all that corner and opinion and punch that we had and scarcely entrance to blows backstage and one night in a ring — literally we were nose-to-nose, it was any second. And by that in a crazy, uncanny totally unexplained way, we became good buds,” The Rock said.

Alas, that means even if we listen closely, we substantially won’t hear The Rock’s voice fasten a cacophony of “Cena sucks!” chants. Today, he’s got zero though adore for a male he used to hate.

“Now looking back, we have zero though honour for John. He is an animal, in terms of his discipline, in terms of his focus, and we always tell people: You know you’re looking during John, you’re looking during a man who’s been doing it for over a decade, consistently,” The Rock said, adding that as distant as destiny WWE beef goes, he’s open to more.

“We only have to figure out … what a many ideal matchup would be, and who it would be with,” The Rock said. “Because we always feel like if we go behind to a WWE, afterwards it has to be bigger and larger than what I’ve finished in a past, and we don’t know what could be bigger in terms of marquee value — in terms of value opposite a house — and to me it has to transcend what we’ve done.”

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source ⦿ http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2014/09/16/dwayne-the-rock-johnson-says-his-wwe-beef-with-john-cena-was-real/

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