Edge focused on fatherhood and behaving in post-WWE life

November 2, 2016 - WWE

10:57 AM ET

When it comes to anticipating a soothing alighting in his transition divided from a universe of veteran wrestling, Adam “Edge” Copeland has finished it demeanour easy over a past 5 years.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who was forced to travel divided from a ring in 2011 during age 37 following a accumulation of neck and spinal injuries, is a clinging father and has kept bustling as a dedicated tyro of his new passion: acting. His new repeated purpose divided from a ring comes in Season 5 of a chronological play array “Vikings,” that front on History.

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  • “Edge was always a impression to me and we still get to play characters each day in my new job,” Copeland told ESPN.com. “Right now, we get to cruise on Viking prolonged ships and lift an axe. Or review to a stone n’ hurl dog puppet and foster reading.”

    If a anxiety to a dog seems random, it’s a curtsy to his newest project, that satisfies dual vital priorities in his life.

    Copeland will be a special guest on a mint Amazon Original Kids Series patrician “Bookaboo,” that debuted Oct. 28 with a launch of a whole initial season. He joins a organisation of celebrities like Paula Abdul, Rachelle Lefevre, Selma Blair and Antonio Brown in reading their favorite book to a eponymous live-action puppet.

    The former WWE superstar, who has dual daughters – Lyric, 3, and 5-month-old Ruby — with his wife, former WWE Divas and three-time women’s champion Beth Phoenix, was drawn to a plan since of a summary it promotes about a significance of relatives reading to their children.

    “Having dual small girls of my possess unequivocally adds weight to that for me,” Copeland said. “I review to my kids each night. Not a missed night. If I’m in Ireland [filming ‘Viking’], and with a time difference, we will film myself reading a book for that night and send it to Dropbox so Beth can still play it for them. So even while I’m sleeping or working, they still get a nightly slight of father reading them to bed.”

    Copeland a family male is a distant cry from a furious and crazy impression he portrayed for 15 years within WWE, though he has mostly relied on a lessons he schooled in a spotlight as “The Rated-R Superstar” — being prepared for anything, always staying on his toes — to assistance palliate a transition into acting.

    “Wrestling is extraordinary training for that,” Copeland said. “Scenes can change on a fly and decisions need to be finished quickly. That’s what wrestling is all about, if it’s finished right.”

    When it comes to “getting over” in behaving in a same demeanour in that he did as a wrestler, Copeland says there’s no surrogate for tough work and “sweat equity,” observant that no matter a attention we confirm to enter, a work ethic and manners will take we a prolonged way.

    Like many ex-wrestlers, Copeland says a aspect he misses many from his WWE days is a in-ring opening and a tie he built with others in a locker room. He declined to answer either he would ever lapse to WWE in some kind of long-term marginal purpose as a broadcaster or on-screen ubiquitous manager.

    Copeland hasn’t strayed too distant from a association in general, carrying finished a handful of occasionally appearances on Raw and Smackdown in new years, and alighting a camber of behaving roles in films constructed by WWE Studios. He also reprised his Edge impression progressing this year on a WWE Network array “The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness.”

    The whole 12-episode initial deteriorate was a uninterrupted routine that was filmed in a camber of only over a month and Copeland pronounced a second deteriorate will eventually occur when a coordination of schedules creates some-more sense. The uncover featured a solid tide of inside amusement poking fun during some of a some-more annoying moments in association history.

    “I overtly don’t know [how a jokes were privileged for broadcast,]” Copeland said. “We only wrote it, achieved it and waited for a no — that never came.”

    Copeland, who incited 43 on Sunday, hasn’t had a problem with being incompetent to keep his concentration professionally on what is still to come, notwithstanding a successful and iconic career in his rear-view mirror.

    “I had a prolonged career that started when we was 17,” Copeland said. “I wrestled for 20 years, so people forget how prolonged we indeed wrestled for. It leaves some good time to accomplish other goals, that we feel like I’m on my approach to doing. And afterwards I’ll reset my goals.”

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