Enzo Amore, Sasha Banks and WWE’s 5 Most Controversial Superstars of 2017

September 30, 2017 - WWE

    Roman Reigns is so argumentative that he inspires a form of pro wrestling paranoia we would hear from an unnamed farming city in a UFO movie.

    “WWE mutes a sound when he creates his entrance!” 

    “WWE feeds him lines during his promos!” 

    “WWE is bringing behind The Shield as a ploy to get us to hearten for him!” 

    “The aliens are entrance to get us!” 

    OK, a final one isn’t a paranoid censure from a wrestling community, though we get it. 

    Reigns will always be a post of debate for wrestling fans—both hardcore and casual—to digest. He represents a intersection between WWE truth and witness protest.

    There’s no doubt a three-time WWE champion is a polarizing figure. He was a initial babyface to win Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s “most hated wrestler” award.

    He gets booed usually as most as he gets cheered, if not more. Sometimes, WWE goes out of a approach to have a fable validate him after a hard-fought match, that usually creates thing worse since he’s already an determined star, and carrying John Cena lift his palm following a detriment is transparent.

    Reigns is a fascinating box investigate in WWE and pro wrestling in general. Most wrestlers adore him. Some fans hatred him. He gets a biggest greeting out of anyone in the WWE locker room. He’s a star. He’s a talent. He’s a pariah. He moves merchandise. He’s controversial.

    And that’s because it all works. Because, as Eric Bischoff once famously said, debate creates cash.

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