Erick Rowan Is Perfect as WWE’s Lovable Big Man

December 5, 2014 - WWE

Erick Rowan is now operative toward relevancy as a singles star in WWE. The 6’8″, 315-pound Superstar is roving what could be deliberate his initial call of movement outward of The Wyatt Family, as he is fast rising as a standalone impression in a company.

While he is not as heated as his former family hermit Luke Harper, Rowan is still a really tough particular in a ring. But as Harper continues to uncover his wild-eyed prevalence over his opponents in WWE, Rowan has some-more of a softer side that is usually now commencement to come out. The fact is that Rowan is ideal as a company’s friendly large man.

It seemed like a foregone end that Rowan would sojourn a heel after Bray split ways with him. After all, a family had been walking in a shadows for their whole WWE run and had finished an excellent pursuit of it. In fact, no one was clearly improved during portraying a villains during that time than The Wyatt Family, with a usually probable difference being The Shield.


But while The Shield sought to destroy their opponents and leave them for passed in a ring, The Wyatt Family was some-more endangered with decimating them psychologically. The Wyatts pennyless down their rivals from a inside out; that was a module and one that a family frequency ever strayed from.

So when they went their apart ways, it was usually judicious that all 3 group would continue to act like business as usual.

But somewhere along a way, someone did not promulgate this to Rowan. When he came to a side of John Cena’s Survivor Series group on a November 17 edition of Monday Night Raw, he showed fans that he would be some-more than a heel large male he had always been.

Rowan had astounded a throng and done a turn, withdrawal his heel ways behind him. And it was positively a right pierce for him.


The law is that of The Wyatt Family’s dual former large men, Harper is a one that should be presented as a infamous bruiser, a inhuman soldier that is really cold and calculating in a ring. He has a right demeanour for it, he fits a purpose ideally and he is really plausible in that character.

But a same can maybe not be pronounced of Rowan, who usually does not demeanour like a ominous type. When fans demeanour past his stature, his brave and his goat mask, they see a male that seems to have a softer side.They see a Superstar that is really amiable and some-more importantly, one that is really lovable.  

It’s easier to support Rowan since of this and it’s also most easier to suppose him apropos a tip babyface in a company. He has that peculiarity that creates fans wish to support him, one that curries preference notwithstanding Rowan’s intimidating earthy appearance.

And WWE is evidently meddlesome in spotlighting Rowan as a tip babyface Superstar. Putting him conflicting of The Big Show is a good start for Rowan, mostly since of Show’s ability to pull heat.  The World’s Largest Athlete recently incited heel once again and now he is feuding with a former Wyatt Family member.

Of course, one argument expected will not be adequate to entirely settle Rowan as a premier protagonist in WWE though it will assistance him to get over with a crowd. Many fans are expected still perplexing to comfortable adult to Rowan as a babyface after carrying hated him for so prolonged underneath Wyatt. Now they will have a event to do usually that.

Some fans might cruise Rowan too soft, too most of a animation impression deliberation his distance and strength. Those fans expected feel that he has most some-more intensity as a candid large male in a ring.

But his impression can be so most more. His childlike persona creates him a rather sensitive figure in a eyes of fans and that gives him a much-needed connection. Rowan has a ability to be a friendly large male that can turn really infamous really quickly, interjection to his distance and that creates him really versatile.

At this point, Rowan can do no wrong since he’s still training how to get over and he has all it takes to do usually that.

Rowan has a offshoot with a audience, that means he has his feet in a door. He has went from being a companion for The Eater of Worlds to being a star in his possess right and that star is usually removing brighter. Rowan is not a creepy beast that Wyatt is and he is not a demented soldier that Harper is.

Rowan is ideal in his purpose as a friendly large man. Only time will tell usually how large and how successful he can be. 

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