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August 22, 2015 - WWE

Jon Stewart WWE


Last week, WWE announced that a former horde of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, would lapse to radio for his initial post-Daily Show gig after finale his 16-year run on a uncover on Aug. 6. While many were astounded about Stewart’s impasse with a universe of veteran wrestling, it’s not a initial time a star has finished an impact on a landscape of WWE.

In early Mar this year, Stewart arrived on Monday Night Raw to confront Seth Rollins, a closest thing he has to a earthy opposition in a party business, after Rollins had showed adult to taunt him on The Daily Show. Stewart went behind and onward with Rollins about how he doesn’t have any respect.

In response, Rollins and his goons, behaving as a print boys for The Authority — a organization of scripted villains who run a WWE — threatened Stewart. A daze gave Stewart a possibility to broach a low blow to Rollins and shun a ring. Surely that annoyance is something that a stream WWE World Heavyweight Champion won’t have forgotten. And, given Stewart’s position as a horde of SummerSlam this year, it’s a protected arrogance that they’ll cranky paths once more.

As always with Jon Stewart, he’s a smashing orator, and he’s firm to be entertaining. If you’re a fan of his work, there’ll be something of value for we in these segments.

WWE summerslam ryback miz large show


Ryback detonate onto a stage in Apr 2012, fast building adult a repute as one of a strongest performers in a company. With a ability to raise 3 organization onto his shoulders during one time, it wasn’t prolonged before “The Big Guy” had his initial impulse during a WWE Championship. He unsuccessful in these initial efforts to constraint a gold, nonetheless he finally landed singles success this year when he degraded 5 other competitors in an Elimination Chamber compare to win a WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Now Ryback is a aim of dual former Intercontinental champions in a form of The Miz and The Big Show. The Miz fills a purpose of a cocky heel, villainous until an eventuality to take advantage arises. And The Big Show? Well he’s usually a bully, and if Ryback hates one thing, it’s bullies. This isn’t going to be a technical masterpiece, nonetheless it’s certain going to be an interesting daze where we can take a breather before a subsequent tentpole compare on a card.

wwe summerslam ziggler rusev


Dolph Ziggler has been in a uncanny position for a past year. A long-lived fan-favorite who’s always on a fork of creation it to a categorical event, Ziggler is instead mostly used as as encouragement talent to assistance other performers get to a subsequent level. He competence get opportunities to star in WWE-produced films and reason delegate titles, nonetheless he’s rarely, if ever, had a possibility to be a male during a tip of a mountain.

That hasn’t stopped him from being intensely ardent about his craft, and each time he stairs into a ring, we can be guaranteed he’ll make a beatdown he takes demeanour very convincing. It’s rather sad, then, that even as a good male in this scenario, he’s been given story beats that you’d design from a villain.

I’m articulate about his attribute with Lana, a former cheuffer and partner of a Bulgarian Brute, Rusev. After WrestleMania in that Rusev suffered his initial detriment in a WWE, Rusev subjected Lana to an aberrant volume of violent behavior, even by WWE standards. After being flustered one time too many, Lana motionless to travel out on Rusev, eventually finale her on-screen attribute with him.

She was on a rebound, and Ziggler had no problem usually cruising along and holding advantage of that, nonetheless he’s meant to be someone a throng roots for. It’s tough to feel contemptible for Rusev given a resources surrounding a breakup, nonetheless I’m not quite compelled to hearten for Ziggler either. Or we wasn’t — not until Rusev started stalking Lana, holding climb shots from around corners and staring uncomfortably during her from a distance. At that indicate it stopped being play and became usually plain creepy.

Since a split, Rusev has left on to find a new messenger in Summer Rae, and together they’ve finished their darnedest to make Lana and Ziggler’s lives some-more difficult. Sneak attacks? Of march there were hide attacks, including one that led to Ziggler being “out with an injury” (read: filming a movie) for several weeks. Throwing passed fish during Lana? Check! Naming a present puppy “Dog Ziggler”? Well, that’s usually lovable to be honest, nonetheless a indicate remains: This argument is formed on a sceptical Rusev torturing his ex-partner, and Lana has had positively no organization of her possess to mount opposite him nonetheless carrying Dolph during her side.

From that indicate of view, it’s tough to get invested in this story, nonetheless we can be certain that even nonetheless a sum are sketchy, a performers will do their best to entertain. we haven’t seen Ziggler and Rusev have a bad earthy sell yet, and maybe Lana will bust out a pierce or dual herself to put an finish to this unfortunate, contemptible affair.

wwe summerslam new day primary time players lucha dragons los matadores


One of a 3 tab organization matches on a label will see a Prime Time Players urge their WWE Tag Team Championship opposite 3 other teams in what’s approaching to be a brief, nonetheless sparkling showcase of both a high-flying and energy styles of all teams involved. If you’re unknown with any of these teams afterwards we suggest we keep an eye on The New Day, privately Xavier Woods.

Without holding divided from a other participants, The New Day are in a joining of their possess as performers. Covering all bases from high-flying (Kofi Kingston), tender energy moves (Big E) and ring psychology (Xavier Woods), a organization started out as a organization of friends who used a energy of positivity to try and pierce adult in a company. The approach they were presented was super-lame, and a throng incited on them, even nonetheless they were ostensible to be a good guys.

Since then, The New Day has embraced a hate, apropos a contingent that doesn’t commend that they are indeed a villains. You’ll expected see them retrieve a championship this Sunday in sequence to pull their argument with a Prime Time Players serve along. It’s a small unsatisfactory to note that a other dual teams concerned in this compare are simply there to fill space, as they’ve had small to no impression growth or primary radio time before a final pay-per-view.

When teams are combined to usually be there, a finish outcome unequivocally usually writes itself.

WWE Summerslam Cesaro Owens


Do we remember when 15-time World Champion John Cena was degraded by a wrestler creation his entrance on a categorical roster? If we were examination Elimination Chamber this past May, it’s doubtful we forgot this implausible moment. Kevin Owens, in his initial compare for WWE proper, kick a tip male in a association nonetheless resorting to cheating.

That never happens, and that’s a certain pointer of things to come for a 31 year-old former NXT Champion.

Owens’ latest argument with Cesaro started when a “Swiss Superman” was confronting Cena in a United States Championship open-challenge in June. Rather than let Cesaro win a championship, Owens interfered to means a disqualification. His brag in attempting to safeguard that he’s a one who takes Cena’s United States Championship aside, Owens should be heedful of Cesaro, a male who is arguably a strongest pound-for-pound contestant in a organization today.

Owens isn’t a foreigner to holding shortcuts, so we can design this to get nasty genuine quick, even if it means he ends adult on a losing finish of this competition by approach of disqualification. He’s usually that form of guy.

wwe summerslam wyatts ambrose reigns


Okay, there’s usually dual of a 3 determined members of a Wyatt Family here, as Erick Rowan is sadly out with an damage until a fall. But don’t let that take divided from a fact that dual unequivocally creepy dudes are out to means difficulty for former Shield members Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Bray Wyatt feels that Roman Reigns took his legitimate place in a annual Money in a Bank ladder match. As for Dean Ambrose, it’s tough to place where accurately he fits into this feud, other than being there for a quarrel alongside his best friend.

It’s going to be a brawl, make no mistake, nonetheless a whole argument feels like it’s blank something. Maybe it will lead somewhere unexpected, such as Ambrose branch on his long-time buddy. we wouldn’t be repelled to see some kind of miscommunication ensuing in a heels winning, that could lead to a mini-feud between best friends Dean and Roman in a weeks ahead. It’s usually wrestling 101, folks.

wwe summerslam orton sheamus


What can we unequivocally contend about a compare between dual organization who have faced off some-more times in their particular careers than seems possible? Well there’s a fact that Sheamus binds a Money in a Bank agreement this year that entitles him to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship eventuality any time, any place. Or there’s a fact that Randy Orton, who played a heel in a prior encounters, is now a fan-favorite once again.

This is certain to be another physical, perfectionist compare between a two, nonetheless as Sheamus has been on a losing finish of matches recently, it’s probable that he’ll finally collect adult a win on Sunday. For one thing, a rule-abiding Randy Orton isn’t an effective Randy Orton, and Sheamus will feat that as best he can. He also has a Money in a Bank briefcase that doubles as a weapon. Coincidentally, that briefcase means that this compare might not be a usually time we see a Irishman during SummerSlam. Without a doubt he’ll be examination a categorical eventuality between Cena and Rollins, watchful to pounce with his briefcase once again if a eventuality arises.

The four-hour SummerSlam spectacular hosted by Jon Stewart takes place this Sunday, Aug. 23. A one-hour pre-show starts during 6 p.m. ET while a categorical uncover starts during 7 p.m. ET. It will be accessible on several pay-per-view services, as good as on a WWE Network streaming service. Babykayak

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