Ex-WWE Wrestler Sues — we Got Hepatitis C … During Bloody Wrestling Match

October 29, 2014 - WWE

1029-billy-jack-haynes-wwe-01A former WWE wrestler is suing Vince McMahon‘s association claiming he engaged Hepatitis C during a bloody WWE wrestling compare … and he’s not a usually one. 

The male behind a lawsuit is Billy Jack Haynes — who claims a WWE went out of a approach to put wrestlers in risk by enlivening steroid and heroin use and stealing critical medical information from a wrestlers. 

Haynes — who wrestled for McMahon from 1986-88 — says a classification never warned wrestlers about a long-term health risks of a concussions they suffered in a ring … such as a mind illness CTE. 

In a suit, filed in sovereign justice in Oregon, Haynes also blames a WWE for his Hep C diagnosis — observant he engaged a illness during blood-soaked matches with putrescent wrestlers. 

Haynes says a WWE is during error for not doing a improved pursuit to strengthen a wrestlers from exposure. 

Haynes has brought a fit on interest of himself and others — he’s perfectionist some-more than $5 million.

8:28 AM PT— The WWE has released a matter denying a allegations … saying, “Billy Jack Haynes’ lawsuit opposite WWE is an instance of ‘throwing all opposite a wall to see if anything could presumably stick.’”

“Billy Jack Haynes spent usually dual years of his 14-year wrestling career with WWE. It would be unfit to know if he engaged Hepatitis C as a outcome of his wrestling career or from something else.”

“Since 2008, WWE has conducted physicals and blood work, including tests for Hepatitis C, as partial of a Talent Wellness Program. These tests take place before a performer signs a agreement and twice per year thereafter, and formula are common with a State chartering authorities that need it.”

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