Examining How WWE Can Maximize Rusev’s United States Championship Reign

November 5, 2014 - WWE

The United States Championship can be a car Rusev drives adult a WWE ranks.

Rusev can’t decrease into a same pitfalls that have hampered new reigns with that belt, though. He contingency be an active, enchanting and widespread champ. His time as a U.S. titleholder should be used to propel him, to amp adult a feverishness on him as he closes in on a finish of his rookie year.

The association crowned The Bulgarian Brute on Monday night in a pretension compare disdainful to a WWE Network, a hard-hitting competition that finished with Sheamus out cold and Rusev holding a pretension in his paws. 

That was a right move. Rusev had privileged divided adequate antithesis to acquire this spot. His anti-America angle will advantage from wearing that strap.

That is if WWE treats this as a vital star-making event that it is.


Defend Often 

Sheamus and Dean Ambrose schooled that being U.S. champ doesn’t pledge one a spotlight. Too often, both of those group sat idle too long.

Ambrose’s energy scarcely reached a full year. Count adult a noted pretension matches he had in that span, though, and one finds a list lacking.

He went a following pay-per-views yet fortifying a title:

  • Money in a Bank 2013 
  • Battleground 2013 
  • Survivor Series 2013
  • TLC: Tables, Ladder Chairs
  • Royal Rumble 2014
  • Elimination Chamber 2014
  • WrestleMania XXX
  • Extreme Rules 2014

For many of those, Ambrose was battling alongside The Shield. That group’s argument took fashion over a story of his pretension reign. It wasn’t as if he was removing a Zack Ryder treatment, yet it was easy to forget he was even champion.

The belt became a emblem of sorts.

WWE can’t do that with Rusev. He can’t go 5 true pay-per-views yet a pretension invulnerability or do like Sheamus and go 3 months yet putting a belt on a line in televised action.

The Celtic Warrior did not urge a belt from a Jul 11 book of Main Event to Oct. 26 during Hell in a Cell.

Rusev‘s gimmick lends itself to unchanging trials. He is out to infer America’s wickedness and Russia’s dominance.

He should be holding on a period of challengers (primarily American ones) and bat them all down.


Deliver Vile Acts

WWE can’t rest too many on a anti-American vitriol that Lana spits any night. It’s positively a approach to get a throng booing, yet Rusev‘s energy need some-more durability images as well.

This is where his impression can many take off. This is where he can bleed working hatred from a crowd, kayfabe prolonged passed or not.

Jim Ross recently wrote on his blog, wondering what creates Rusev a villain, “The powerhouse frequency cheats, is a patriot to his local land, is a beast, isn’t a coward, and has not mislaid around pin or submission. What is there among those equipment that we am ostensible to dislike?”

The answer is in a dastardly.

WWE has had Rusev go that track in a past and should continue to do so. Patriot or not, he’s a male peaceful to attack a 64-year-old fight veteran. Him laying out Zeb Colter during SummerSlam isn’t half as unsettling as saying him flog a uniform solider in a head, though.

That was a act that many riled Big Show, that combined genuine movement to that feud.

This is where WWE has to revisit. This is a kind of work that tip heels do.

Whether it means chasing Lilian Garcia divided as she sings a inhabitant anthem or replacing a U.S. pretension with a tradition Russian Federation version, he needs to emanate controversy.


Book Him as Dangerous, Unstoppable

Too often, a wrestler wins a midcard pretension and unexpected becomes a pushover. Non-title waste are too common, spiteful a titleholder’s perception, creation them demeanour undeserved of holding a belt.

Take Dolph Ziggler, for example.

His stream Intercontinental Championship energy began on Sept. 22. Since then, he has already mislaid to Kane, Seth Rollins (twice), Cesaro, Randy Orton and Rusev.

It’s as if a IC pretension has sapped his strength, a belt lined with kryptonite.

WWE has requisitioned Rusev clever to date, not permitting him to remove around pinfall or submission. That needs to continue. The finish of his undefeated strain is going to be a climactic moment. It should be portrayed as a staggering victory, one that includes a U.S. pretension as a prize.

Until then, a throng has to be flooded with images of Rusev dominating.

Credit: WWE.com

Regardless if a scripted, adequate considerable performances and one can’t assistance yet perspective someone differently. Brock Lesnar’s new wins over Undertaker and John Cena incited him into an immortal. WWE doesn’t need to go that distant with Rusev, yet a idea should be to benefaction him as a destroyer some-more than a coward.

He doesn’t need to have Lana get him unfit on purpose. He doesn’t need count-out waste on his resume.

Make him a towering that WWE‘s register struggles to climb. After a line of group decrease try to strech that peak, a energy of that contingent initial detriment for Rusev is multiplied. 

Now that WWE has ornate a champion with gold, it has a good possibility to stability his arise and component one of a improved U.S. pretension reigns in new memory. It can build Rusev into a heading heel, one depressed enemy during a time.

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