Examining Tyler Breeze’s Blueprint for Success on WWE’s Main Roster

October 23, 2015 - WWE

WWE is set to supplement a splashy narcissist in Tyler Breeze to a roster, and a association has to provide him as an asset, not an add-on.

Too mostly in a new past, WWE has unsuccessful to make a many of new additions who have outlandish, goofier gimmicks. There is a place in a spandex playground for a masculine like Breeze, a masculine who has mastered his gimmick during NXT, though he’s in risk of descending into a same sinkholes that Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and others have of late.

The tailspin of Rose’s career provides a plans of how not to book Breeze. The successful trail that Goldust took, however, gives WWE a devise of movement that is value following.

After a extensive stay in a developmental system, Prince Pretty is finally venturing onto a categorical roster. WWE.com announced Tuesday that Breeze will make his main-roster entrance on this week’s SmackDown.

The masculine indication hailing from a accumulation of anniversary residences is no blue-chip prospect. He’s an glorious showman and has excelled as a boaster in ostentatious gear, though he has his limitations. He’ll need joining and creativity from a essay group to be a success story.

To assure that story works out a best probable way, WWE has to learn from what it got wrong with Dallas.


Avoid Trimming Down His Character

At NXT, Dallas was a smug, underhanded grinner with copiousness of fierceness. He staged a criticism during Full Sail University, showed a slideshow of his travels and distinguished all he did in excess.

Once he finished it to a categorical roster, WWE thinned down his impression to a singular dimension. 

He was no longer personification a romantic motivational orator with a God complex; he was usually a masculine with a catchphrase. WWE fans usually saw him pronounce about “Bo-lieving.” They didn’t knowledge a other layers of his persona that he grown during NXT.

Not surprisingly, he has unsuccessful to locate on. 

The NXT chronicle of Breeze is a mix of Gorgeous George, a impression pulled from Zoolander and a explanation on a self-obsessed generation. Breeze has finished good to fondle and examination with a impression until it fit him as absolutely as a Bray Wyatt act fits Windham Rotunda.

WWE can't have him usually be a masculine who takes selfies

It has to concede him to uncover some-more sides of himself, possibly by vignettes or backstage segments. WWE has to welcome a full border of Breeze, a stupidity of a shtick, as good as a classical conceited heel elements. 


Make Sure to Mix Beauty with Bashing

There is a prolonged tradition of makeup-wearing, convention-breaking wrestlers in adore with their possess looks.

Gorgeous George strolled to a ring uninformed from a salon, his cheuffer spritzing redolence on him. Adrian Street came to conflict wearing eyeshadow and feathers in his hair. Goldust donned skin-tight golden tights, caressed his possess boobs and customarily finished a assembly uncomfortable.

What those group shared, in further to aptitude and sass, was that they interconnected those traits with straight-up ass-kicking.

George belligerent group into a mat. Goldust kicked his foes in a nuts. Street used his forearm like a hammer, drumming it along an opponent’s back.

WWE has to uncover Breeze’s toughness in further to his bravado. It has to have him wallop folks before and after he puckers his lips for a camera.


Don’t Treat Him Like a Joke

WWE played Adam Rose for laughs. He won early on, though it was roughly always in a fluky fashion. A roll-up here, a roll-up there and his early winning strain unexpected felt hollow.

He never felt like a threat. He felt like a punchline.

Level of foe had a lot to do with that. He was violence guys like Heath Slater and Damien Sandow early on. Fans can’t be asked to buy those wins as suggestive with as most as those guys are finished to demeanour like doormats.

When he finally faced genuine competition—namely Kane—he and his bunny got steamrolled.  

Breeze need not go on a Goldberg-like streak, though he needs to do some repairs to important foes. He can be a partial of comedy bits, though he needs genuine ways to benefit heel feverishness as well. Have him waylay babyfaces and come out on tip in written altercations during times.

Notching some large victories will assistance on tip of that. Note how most some-more of a hazard Kevin Owens (who has beaten Cesaro and John Cena) feels compared to Rose.


Pit Him Against Top-Flight In-Ring Performers

Breeze is plain though not chosen in a ring. His best matches during NXT came opposite a brand’s best: Adrian Neville, Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn.

His biggest strengths are his climax and swagger. To element those, it’s best to have him hit with guys who are improved in-ring performers than him. Have him gaunt on his gimmick while others lead a dance on a canvas.

Having him face Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler or Dean Ambrose assures that he creates his symbol early with peculiarity matches. They also pronounce to his place on a hierarchy. 

When Rose was confronting Slater time and again, it was a vigilance to a assembly that he resided on and would continue to reside on a low rung. Neville, on a other hand, battled a contingent of universe champions Ziggler, Seth Rollins and Sheamus in his initial month.

Going a identical track is one approach to have assistance fans take Breeze seriously, hairy purple boots and all.

He’s conjunction beast nor unfamiliar brute, though WWE has to provide him like a challenging heel while still vouchsafing him widespread his peacockish wings.

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