Fan Starts Petition To Remove Donald Trump From The WWE Hall of Fame

December 12, 2015 - WWE

Donald Trump is compelling a aroused and discriminatory fight on people of opposite religions and nationalities right here in a country, though WWE still has him in their Hall of Fame! Please pointer my petition propelling WWE to mislay Donald Trump from a Hall of Fame. 

I grew adult examination WWF, WCW and other wrestling programs that are now accessible on a WWE Network. In new years, I’ve enjoyed removing held adult on some of my favorite wrestlers like Sting, Bret Hart, Razor Ramon and Eddie Guerrero. I’ve also turn a fan of newer superstars like Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Sami Zayn and Sasha Banks. I’m entirely tender with how many WWE has grown itself as a tellurian code of universe category party where they embody different wrestlers and emanate an thorough knowledge for fans in a US and abroad. That’s because it’s so startling that they have nonetheless to take Donald Trump out of a WWE Hall of Fame.

Over a summer, after a video leaked where Hulk Hogan done extremist comments, WWE immediately consummated their agreement with Hogan and scrubbed all references of Hogan from their online properties. WWE afterwards released a following statement: “WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating people from all backgrounds as demonstrated by a farrago of a employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

Consistent with this statement, WWE should mislay Donald Trump from a Hall of Fame for his derogative comments about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, Muslims and other minority groups. 

WWE not usually employs Muslim and Middle Eastern talent, though has also recently launched a Network in a Middle East. The WWE contingency comprehend how many of a fans are Muslim. What summary does it send to them to respect Donald Trump on a WWE’s Hall of Fame?

And Mexico is one of WWE’s biggest general markets – a WWE has a story of operative with Mexican veteran wrestling promotions as good as recruiting some of Mexico’s tip wrestlers. Many of WWE’s many dear superstars paint their Mexican birthright in a ring.

When it comes to diversity, Donald Trump does not mount with WWE. As he pronounced during WrestleMania 23, “What a place this is, what a sum mess.”

Donald Trump has stood by his claim that “[Mexico is] promulgation people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us.” He has universal Mexican immigrants as drug traffickers, criminals and rapists. He has advocated building a wall of subdivision between a U.S. and Mexico.

There is extended bipartisan gibe and antithesis to his fear-mongering, ignorant offer on banning Muslims from entering a United States. Everyone from Muhammad Ali to a White House believes that it’s a dangerous thought that will usually widespread loathing and boost violence. Influential WWE Superstars such as John Cena have bloody Donald Trump’s skeleton to bar Muslims from entering a United States, dogmatic that such skeleton “do not go along with a DNA”.

Donald Trump has no place in a prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.The WWE Universe has ceaselessly voiced snub during his induction, even booing him off a theatre during his initiation rite in 2013. He is a mark on WWE’s ability to be a certain change to a 650 million fans worldwide.

Hulk Hogan’s evident exclusion and dismissal from WWE’s online properties due to extremist comments have shown us that WWE will not endure those who disregard their joining to celebrating diversity. This is a vicious impulse for a WWE to dumpy a ties with Donald Trump immediately.

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