Five WWE Stars Who Deserve A World Title Run In 2017

January 22, 2017 - WWE

WWE stars AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor finally got their good deserved World pretension wins in 2016.

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Unfortunately, WWE is opposite from sports in that being a best doesn’t pledge winning a championship, and a association still has a series of unequivocally gifted superstars who are prolonged overdue for a World pretension reign. Vince McMahon recently pronounced that he loves “to emanate new stars”, yet many of 2016 was consumed divided on unsuccessful pushes for newer stars or nonessential pushes for determined ones.

A part-timer like Triple H doesn’t need to win a pretension again in 2016. Neither does John Cena, Randy Orton, Goldberg or Brock Lesnar. This year, WWE should concentration on giving ignored superstars, aged or young, another possibility to lift a World pretension or benefaction a rising star with a event to do so. The ultimate thought of these pretension reigns would be to freshen adult both brands, reignite a pull of a star WWE missed a vessel on in a past and/or give an up-and-comer a biggest win of his career.

Here are 5 WWE superstars who merit to have a World pretension power in 2017.

Chris Jericho

The MVP of Raw in 2016 was Chris Jericho, who was simply a show’s many interesting performer and is arguably a tip mic workman in a business.

It stays to be seen how many Jericho will be around this year, as rumors advise he could leave after WrestleMania 33 even yet he only sealed a new contract. But if Jericho is around for many of 2017, he’s an ideal claimant to get one final “thank you” World (or Universal) pretension run, one that could be used to assistance put over whoever Jericho drops a pretension to.

Y2J is scandalous for putting over rising stars, even losing to a likes of Evan Bourne and Heath Slater in large matches in a past. Yet, he still has a credit that creates him estimable of holding Raw’s top esteem for what would be substantially be a final time.

Usually, it’s not a good thought to tag a luminary who is adult in age and impending retirement. But when it comes to Jericho, one of a many unstinting superstars of all-time and one who is still an chosen performer, that simply isn’t a case.

Dolph Ziggler

When we unequivocally consider about it, Dolph Ziggler has never had what we would call a legitimate World pretension reign.

His initial reign was about as prolonged as a blink of an eye while he spent many of his second power sidelined with a genuine life concussion. The final time Ziggler hold a World championship was approach behind in 2013, and now, Ziggler is 36 years aged and suggested a integrate of years ago that he planned on timid in 2017.

That, of course, could always change. But it would be a teenager caricature for a uber-talented Ziggler to go his whole career but a genuine World pretension run, even yet he positively wouldn’t be a initial honourable luminary to do that.

Now that Ziggler has incited heel, that has breathed new life into his character, “The Showoff” is on his approach to potentially being solidified as a categorical eventer. He should top that off with a World pretension run before it’s too late.

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