Former WWE star CM Punk is essay a Thor comic for Marvel

November 12, 2014 - WWE

A veteran wrestler incited comic book writer? To some people, that competence sound definitely ridiculous. Watching wrestlers try their palm during behaving is bad enough. Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista have successfully done a singular jump from a ring to Hollywood stardom; many grapplers confuse themselves trying. But essay superhero stories? That’s an wholly opposite form of challenge. Thankfully, if you’re informed with a name CM Punk, we know he’s some-more than competent for a charge of conjuring adult a torpedo comic tract line. And that’s accurately what he’ll be doing for Marvel.

Today the association announced that Punk (whose genuine name is Phil Brooks) is doing essay duties for February’s Thor Annual #1. He’s been interconnected adult with Rob Guillory, a crony and artist who’s also new to Marvel, to furnish “a story about immature Thor.” Punk seems to conclude a fact that he’s been given control over one of Marvel’s “heavy hitters,” and he’s passed set on creation a many of this essay gig.

CM Punk creation an coming with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011. (Ed Webster)

“I consider we’re kind of underneath a radar, and there’s not unequivocally a whole lot of vigour on us to broach some arrange of a magnum opus as a 10-page backup story in an annual, so we consider we have a lot of leisure that could be unequivocally fun,” he told Marvel in an interview. Punk pronounced he’s disposition towards selecting a “Marvel Model” for his initial time out, where a author and artist combine on a story, though specific dialog isn’t combined until after a comic’s been illustrated. As for what’s to come in a story, Punk gave an outline of sorts:

So a thought was, let’s do a story about immature Thor as kind of a brash, bratty teen who’s like, “I’m totally estimable of this hammer. My dad’s full of [expletive]. we don’t know because I’m not ‘worthy’ of a hammer. Look during all this cold things we did.” And it’s some-more or reduction like a celebration story. He’s gonna be sitting around with a few choice characters from a Marvel Universe, and they’re all gonna be drinking, and Thor’s gonna fundamentally be angry about radically because his father won’t give him a keys to a car.

It’s been about 10 months given Punk, one of a some-more means performers to arise adult by WWE’s ranks in a final decade, abruptly walked out on a company. He hold Vince McMahon’s tip pretension for some-more than a year, though that’s zero compared to CM Punk’s lifelong affinity for comic books. The tattoo of a G.I. Joe Cobra sigil on his right shoulder is only one idea indicating to Punk’s passion. When he was still interesting wrestling fans, Punk would scream “it’s clobberin’ time” as he approached a ring — borrowing The Thing’s pre-brawl catchphrase, and he’d often twitter about a trade paperbacks that served as reading element between his WWE appearances. (“I transport so most that singular emanate comic books never unequivocally hold up,” he explained in a Marvel interview.)

The cover art for Thor Annual #1.

But now, outward of intermittent appearances for Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist and one-off gigs, Punk has mostly left from a open eye — a change of gait he seems to be enjoying. Thankfully for fans fervent to reconnect, he’s got bigger ambitions for a future: Punk pronounced his dream is to write a story for The Punisher that’s been kicking around in his conduct for years. “So until they let me do that, you’re gonna get all kinds of other stories about all kinds of other characters until they prove this need we have to write Frank Castle.”

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