Four Possible Directions for a WWE Championship

September 22, 2018 - WWE

Slide 4 of 44. Samoa Joe Wins a Title, Daniel Bryan Becomes #1 Contender
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This is, by far, my favorite scenario.

Samoa Joe is some-more than honourable of apropos a WWE Champion. Styles’ pretension power has ran a march and it is time to do something fresh. While both Joe and Miz would be good heel champions for Styles to dump a pretension to, we consider Joe is a man during this impulse in time. He’s doing some of a best work of his career, arguably a best on a microphone in a company. A heel Samoa Joe holding a WWE Championship could furnish some really, unequivocally noted segments. 

If Joe won a title, a good approach to transition to his compare with Bryan while gripping Styles out of a design would be some arrange of damage story to keep AJ off of radio while a new babyface stairs in to plea him for a gold. Plus, a small time off would give Styles a ton of movement when he does return. Plus, he’s been operative during a break-neck gait for a final year and deserves it.

So if Joe were to turn a champion and Bryan were to win a series one contender match, I’d consider Joe’s power would be brief though also incredibly impactful in a prolonged term. Joe would be cemented in as a categorical eventer for a rest of his WWE run, and we’d also get some good Bryan and Joe matches for a WWE title. This is a dream WWE championship storyline for many (yes, Joe and Bryan have wrestled, though not with these kind of stakes).

This unfolding also saves a previous WWE championship dream compare for a after date: Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles. That bout could be saved for a bigger uncover down a road, roughly positively WrestleMania. Imagine Daniel Bryan walking into Mania as a champion and fortifying opposite challenger AJ Styles and try not to get hyped. Just try. I’ll wait.


In essence, we’d be looking during Joe winning a pretension during Super Show-Down, Bryan winning a pretension from Joe during Survivor Series or Royal Rumble, and Styles vs. Bryan during WrestleMania. Yeah, I’d be some-more than fine with that.

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