GFW Could Be Up For Sale Again And WWE Must Avoid Damaged Promotion

September 6, 2017 - WWE

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) is adult in abandon again, and a possible sale is one merger to equivocate for WWE.


Jeff Jarrett’s remarkable leave of deficiency has given approach to reports of a intensity GFW sale only one year after a merger by Anthem Entertainment.

Anthem Sports and Entertainment is commencement to learn what a wrestling universe has famous for good over a decade as TNA/Impact Wrestling/GFW’s scattered existence once again seems to be blazing another owner.

Before we go any further, only know I’ll be regulating TNA, GFW, Impact Wrestling—and maybe even an adverse nickname or two—interchangeably to underscore a crippling disharmony that has tangible this promotion’s existence.

After enjoying a cushy mark in primary time on SpikeTV commencement in 2005, TNA’s attribute with SpikeTV came to an nauseous finish in 2014 after an email failure that concerned a promotion’s ties to pro wrestling renegade Vince Russo, whom SpikeTV had no seductiveness in operative with.

Frayed relations have turn an hapless thesis of GFW’s new struggles, that have seen entrances, exits, returns, infighting and energy struggles between Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, Jeff Jarrett and, many recently, Ed Nordholm.


Matt and Jeff Hardy are dual of many former Impact Wrestling stars who have found success in WWE. They are now in a authorised conflict with GFW/Impact Wrestling.

The latest section in Grease Fire Wrestling is a doozy. Chief Creative Officer and hapless part-time wrestler Jeff Jarrett intent in argumentative antics during TripleMania XXV when he tossed tortillas in to a throng to alienate a predominately Mexican audience.

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