Girls can wrestle, too: Mattel and WWE announce new womanlike luminary dolls

July 22, 2017 - WWE

Mattel’s new WWE womanlike wrestler dolls are prepared to quarrel a tarnish that girls can’t punch. 

The new line of dolls is a collaboration between Mattel and WWE, featuring 12 of WWE’s tip womanlike superstars, including Nikki and Brie Bella, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Natalya and Eva Marie, Mattel announced Thursday during a San Diego Comic-Con. 

“The launch of a first-ever WWE girls’ product line is a poignant impulse in a expansion of not usually a womanlike Superstars, though a whole company,” Stephanie McMahon, WWE Chief Brand Officer pronounced in a statement. “We are respected to partner with Mattel to yield kids with another approach to bond with a implausible womanlike performers who enthuse certainty and strength.”

The 12-inch dolls include their possess signature conform items, like boots and gowns. There is also a line of 6-inch movement figures that includes “role play” equipment where girls can dress adult like their favorite womanlike wrestler with headbands, rings and medallions.  

WWE Superstar Nikki Bella told USA TODAY the dolls represent the tough work WWE women, both past and present have contributed to a sport. 

“These dolls are inspiring. They enthuse and learn a immature fans to be confident, fearless, eccentric and strong,” Bella wrote in an email. “I trust it’s so critical in this day and age to have dolls that paint a loyal strength of a lady and we adore how we have no Ken! Each doll has a bio, a story, and an thought of what creates her a champion within herself.” 

The dolls will be accessible for pre-order Monday on, and will strike Toys “R” Us shelves in September.



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