Greatest Royal Rumble a vital branch indicate for WWE in 2018

April 27, 2018 - WWE

4:13 PM ET

The Greatest Royal Rumble has been positioned as possibly an prolongation of a WrestleMania label or a uncover identical in distance and scale. The sold-out King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will have an wholly opposite vibe than a Superdome in New Orleans, to contend a least, generally deliberation a deficiency of a women’s register in a entirety, yet there will be a span of vital WrestleMania 34 rematches and a handful of informed matches on a label that also facilities a first-ever 50-man Royal Rumble set to be a categorical event.

When it comes down to a discernible matches that will take place, a fallout is certain to have outrageous consequences for a weeks and months to come on Raw and SmackDown. With a Backlash pay-per-view set for usually 9 days later, and certain matches and titles being incompatible after a Superstar Shakeup, these dual large shows will be a final stairs in substantiating how things will play out relocating forward.

The biggest slow doubt streamer into a Greatest Royal Rumble is a same as it was streamer into WrestleMania 34, and hopefully by a finish of a night there should be a unequivocally transparent thought of how a pecking sequence on Raw will play out for a rest of 2018.

Steel enclosure compare for a Universal championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns

Jericho happy to take partial in Greatest Royal Rumble, yet wrestling destiny is still TBD

Chris Jericho is set to have his initial WWE compare in 9 months during Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble uncover in Saudi Arabia. But he’s confident with a state of his career and happy to leave his destiny options in a wrestling universe open — for now.

  • SmackDown Live results: Big Cass, The IIconics and Gallows Anderson step adult in new opportunities

    Shinsuke Nakamura broke AJ Styles for a third true week and struck down his newly reunited friends Gallows Anderson, yet Tuesday night was discernible by newly-minted SmackDown superstars stepping adult in new opportunities.

  • Monday Night Raw formula – Ronda Rousey continues to take a show

    Ronda Rousey came to a invulnerability of Natalya final night during Monday Night Raw, submitting Mickie James to finish a 10-woman tab group match.

  • What’s during stake: The instruction that Monday Night Raw will conduct in for a rest of 2018, and beyond. Since they initial clashed in a lead-up to WrestleMania 31, Brock Lesnar has clearly been built adult as a final boss/villain for Roman Reigns to disintegrate on his highway to a tip of WWE. Between throng reactions, injuries, haphazard schedules and a series of other extenuating factors, that grand feat has never happened.

    Three years ago, Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in a Bank briefcase mid-main eventuality of WrestleMania and walked divided as WWE champion. On Apr 8, Reigns walked in as a strenuous favorite to leave as Universal champion, usually for a throng to spin antagonistic on a compare and an wholly opposite outcome as Lesnar strike F-5 after F-5, and elbows, suplexes and strikes, to eventually travel out with pretension intact. Now, they’re doing it all over again inside of a steel cage, and notwithstanding a proclamation of a agreement prolongation for Brock Lesnar, no one unequivocally knows what his destiny in WWE (or UFC, for that matter) binds over Friday.

    Where it goes from here: If Reigns doesn’t travel out of a categorical eventuality of Greatest Royal Rumble as Universal champion, we’re entering uncharted territory. Reigns will have a tough time re-establishing himself as a estimable pretension contender, and after a clearly one-off compare with Samoa Joe during Backlash, he’ll have no genuine instruction and Raw will once again be yet a tip championship on TV for a infancy of a year.

    If Lesnar loses, a conjecture of his lapse to a UFC will collect adult once again — there’s no revelation how that conditions will play out. There’s also no revelation what Reigns’ destiny holding a Universal championship competence demeanour like.

    WWE championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    What’s during stake: Any destiny wish of AJ Styles carrying a fifth child. In all seriousness, even yet their initial one-on-one WWE compare during WrestleMania 34 didn’t check all of a boxes of being a all-time classical it was ostensible to be, it was a plain initial bid with an eye towards something bigger. Nakamura’s post-match low blow was followed by 3 some-more such incidents on SmackDown in successive weeks, and Nakamura’s started to daub into his impression and ubiquitous weirdness in a approach he hasn’t given withdrawal NXT — and that’s a good step forward. Regardless of a outcome in Saudi Arabia, it’s rarely doubtful to be a final section in this budding rivalry.

    Where it goes from here: It depends wholly on a outcome. There’s a universe in that Nakamura wins a WWE championship and lords it over Styles for months as a latter tries to quarrel his approach behind to a top. There’s also ways that Styles successfully defends his pretension usually for Nakamura to get a final giggle once again. This feels like it will be a adversary of a summer on SmackDown, so no matter that approach it goes, we have a lot some-more to get out of what could be a unequivocally special impulse of time in WWE history.

    Ladder compare for a Intercontinental championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Samoa Joe

    What’s during stake: Seemingly, not much. A large understanding was done of Seth Rollins defeating Finn Balor and The Miz in a clever WrestleMania 34 opener, and it seems doubtful they’d change march so fast (though we’ve been astounded before). The impasse of Miz and Samoa Joe, who are both on SmackDown now, serve muddies a waters in terms of intensity outcomes, yet this sold party in a ladder compare could lead to something magical, even if a contingency of a pretension change seem low.

    Where it goes from here: In a doubtful eventuality of a pretension change, a chain of a Intercontinental and United States championships could be ironed out during Backlash. In reality, Rollins expected retains, yet there’s still The Miz to understanding with during Backlash and Balor over that. The one wildcard that comes into play would be a predestine of a Universal championship, yet it seems doubtful Rollins would get concerned with something involving Reigns too quickly.

    Casket match: The Undertaker vs. Rusev

    What’s during stake: The Undertaker’s future. After a sub-three-minute win over John Cena in his initial WWE compare in a full year, Undertaker earnings to movement usually a few weeks after in a box compare opposite Rusev. This will be a initial box compare in WWE in roughly a decade, and if we consider there’s even a smallest probability that The Undertaker loses here, we have another thing coming.

    Where it goes from here: This won’t be a final we see of The Undertaker, and there’s still a matter of what happened with Cena to purify up. That could occur here, or somewhere else down a line. As for Rusev, notwithstanding his swell in recognition there seems to be unequivocally tiny in a approach of brazen movement during a moment.

    John Cena vs. Triple H

    What’s during stake: Bragging rights. With a difference of final year’s Survivor Series match, a final time Triple H and John Cena were competing opposite any other in a ring happened inside of a Elimination Chamber in Feb 2010. From 2006-2010, Cena and Triple H were consistently during contingency with one another, with other legends like Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels mostly involved.

    Where it goes from here: This will be Cena’s initial WWE coming given his WrestleMania loss, so some kind of clarity with his conditions with The Undertaker is possible. It’s also Triple H’s initial televised coming given WrestleMania, yet it’s misleading what this compare could meant in terms of a lapse to Monday Night Raw.

    50-man Greatest Royal Rumble match

    What’s during stake: As distant as we know, usually another trophy. Advertising and proclamation have suggested some of a intensity surprises, including Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and a Great Khali, yet it’s misleading if this compare will have any sold value over it being a spectacle. All we have to do is demeanour during a dual conflict royals during WrestleMania and how fast those trophies have left from WWE TV to see what happens when we don’t put any discernible stakes on a line in a compare like this.

    Where it goes from here: A win for a higher-profile luminary like Daniel Bryan could offer some movement relocating forward, yet this compare seems tailor-made for a Braun Strowman victory. Regardless of a outcome of this match, Strowman seems a expected claimant to be in Universal pretension contention.

    United States championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Jinder Mahal

    What’s during stake: Very little. Unless there’s some kind of switcheroo and another discerning turnaround with a United States championship designed for Backlash, a third U.S. pretension change in a month of Apr seems unlikely.

    Where it goes from here: The provoke of a destiny Jeff Hardy/Randy Orton United States championship adversary creates adequate clarity relocating forward. Samoa Joe removing concerned before too prolonged also seems like a intelligent approach to go.

    SmackDown tab group championships: The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The Usos

    What’s during stake: The destiny instruction of a SmackDown tab group division. With The Bar and Gallows Anderson relocating over in a Superstar Shakeup, SAnitY removing a call-up from NXT and a New Day still in play, a SmackDown tab group multiplication seems impossibly low on paper. Having them all chasing a Bludgeon Brothers seems to make sense.

    Where it goes from here: Though tiny signs of doubt have crept in with a inclusion of Naomi in this angle, a Bludgeon Brothers have been physically widespread in all aspects. Should they retain, The Usos would expected have to step to a behind of a flourishing line.

    Raw tab group championships: The Bar vs. Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt

    What’s during stake: The early stages of ‘The Expedition of Gold’. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt pairing adult was a healthy move, and while Wyatt seemed distant some-more in need of a change, his dark has helped Hardy as well. With Cesaro and Sheamus now on SmackDown, carrying them win a Raw tab group titles seems a bit far-fetched.

    The Revival and Breezango, as good as newly-formed pairings, a possibility to step into a spotlight.

    Cruiserweight championship match: Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Kalisto

    What’s during stake: Cedric Alexander’s initial pretension defense. Bringing a 205 Live weight extent into play to keep Buddy Murphy out of this compare was a controversial choice. He’s unequivocally early on in his 205 Live run, and a intensity of deleterious Murphy’s plain swell of movement with this speed strike doesn’t seem like a kind of thing we wish a heel or up-and-coming challenger to understanding with — yet here we are.

    Where it goes from here: Kalisto is a former cruiserweight champion in his possess right, yet after creation Alexander quarrel as prolonged as he did to win a title, this would be a bizarre mark to have him dump a title. An Alexander-Mustafa Ali rematch and Alexander-Murphy seem a likeliest subsequent steps.

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