Here’s how a WWE is regulating things after a argumentative Royal Rumble

February 3, 2015 - WWE

With a difference of Roman Reigns and The Rock, clearly no one was gratified that Daniel Bryan unsuccessful to win a Royal Rumble and acquire a pretension shot during WrestleMania. Fans started a #CancelWWENetwork movement in response that trended nationally for days, and with Rusev vs. John Cena as a usually approaching compare during February’s pay-per-view, Fastlane, things were looking grave in a pro wrestling world.

The WWE some-more or reduction certified it done a wrong call Monday night, “screwed over” Roman Reigns in a difference of commentator Booker T, and paved a approach for Bryan to recover his WWE World Heavyweight Championship during WrestleMania by forcing Reigns to put his guaranteed pretension shot on a line during Fastlane.

To open Monday Night Raw, Triple H assimilated Reigns, Bryan and Seth Rollins in a ring and due that Bryan would face Rollins Monday for a right to combat Reigns during a pay-per-view, with a leader of that compare to face Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania. Bryan would go on to kick Rollins (of course) after that night, environment adult a showdown with Reigns.

It stays to be seen what happens in 3 weeks, Reigns might still emerge winning and this could just be a ploy to both relieve a fans’ boos and give Fastlane a categorical eventuality value watching, though for now the WWE is throwing Reigns underneath a bus.

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